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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-2005Human Lsg1 defines a family of essential GTPases that correlates with the evolution of compartmentalizationReynaud, Emmanuel G.Andrade, Miguel A.Bonneau, Fabienet al.
22-Feb-2016End to End Digitisation and Analysis of Three-Dimensional Coral Models, from Communities to CorallitesGutierrez-Heredia, LuisBenzoni, FrancescaMurphy, EmmaReynaud, Emmanuel G.
22-May-2014Long-term survey of a syringe-dispensing machine needle exchange program: Answering public concernsDuplessy, CatherineReynaud, Emmanuel G.
23-Jan-2020A comparison of methods for the isolation and separation of extracellular vesicles from protein and lipid particles in human serumBrennan, KieranMartin, K.FitzGerald, S. P.Wu, Y.Blanco-Fernandez, AlfonsoMc Gee, Margaret al.
6-Feb-2020Clinical Decision Support Systems in Breast Cancer: A Systematic ReviewMazo, ClaudiaKearns, CathrionaMooney, CatherineGallagher, William M.
3-May-2018Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor as a Treatment Option for Retinal DegenerationDaly, ConorWard, RebeccaReynolds, AlisonGalvin, OrlaCollery, RossKennedy, Breandán
2-Oct-2015Histone Deacetylase: Therapeutic Targets in Retinal DegenerationDaly, ConorYin, JunKennedy, Breandán
29-Dec-2019Emerging Drug Therapies for Inherited Retinal DystrophiesSundaramurthi, Husvinee
8-May-2020Non-photopic and photopic visual cycles differentially regulate immediate, early and late-phases of cone photoreceptor-mediated visionWard, RebeccaKaylor, Joanna J.Cobice, Diego F.Pepe, Dionysia VarvaraMcGarrigle, Eoghan M.Kennedy, Breandánet al.
Jan-2020The Impact of Failure and Success Experience on Drug DevelopmentGarzón‐Vico, AntonioRosier, Jan A.Gibbons, Patrick T.McNamara, Peter
Oct-2019Differential expression of the TPα and TPβ isoforms of the human T Prostanoid receptor during chronic inflammation of the prostate: Role for FOXP1 in the transcriptional regulation of TPβ during monocyte-macrophage differentiationMulvaney, Eamon P.O'Sullivan, Áine G.Eivers, Sarah B.Reid, Helen M.Kinsella, B. Therese
16-Jul-2019Liquid-phase 3D bioprinting of gelatin alginate hydrogels: influence of printing parameters on hydrogel line width and layer heightAlruwaili, MahaLopez, Jose A.McCarthy, KevinReynaud, Emmanuel G.Rodriguez, Brian J.
21-May-2019High Cell Density Conversion of Hydrolysed Waste Cooking Oil Fatty Acids Into Medium Chain Length Polyhydroxyalkanoate Using Pseudomonas putida KT2440Ruiz, CarolinaKenny, Shane T.Babu P, RameshWalsh, MegNarancic, TanjaO’Connor, Kevin E.
12-Jul-2019Developing Universal Design In Teaching and Learning: Using a freely available eBookBarrett, TerryPadden, LisaO'Connor, John
19-Jun-2018Innovative Technologies Changing Cancer TreatmentCharmsaz, SaraPrencipe, MariaKiely, Maeveet al.
1-Jun-2018Biodegradation of pentafluorosulfanyl-substituted aminophenol in Pseudomonas spp.Saccomanno, MartaHussain, SabirO'Connor, Neil K.Murphy, Cormac al.
1-Feb-2018Development of a bacterial propionate-biosensor for anaerobic digestion monitoringSweeney, Joseph B.Murphy, Cormac D.McDonnell, Kevin
19-Aug-2016Biotransformation of fluorophenyl pyridine carboxylic acids by the model fungus Cunninghamella elegansPalmer-Brown, WilliamDunne, BrianOrtin, YannickMurphy, Cormac al.
1-May-2016Evaluation of fluorinated biphenyl ether pro-drug scaffolds employing the chemical-microbial approachHampton, Alex S.Mikulski, LenaPalmer-Brown, WilliamMurphy, Cormac D.Sandford, Graham
25-Apr-2019Association of Selenoprotein and Selenium Pathway Genotypes with Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Interaction with Selenium StatusFedirko, VeronikaJenab, MazdaMéplan, CatherineHughes, David al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 222