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5-Jan-2017Neuronal Cell Bodies Remotely Regulate Axonal Growth Response to Localized Netrin-1 Treatment via Second Messenger and DCC DynamicsBlasiak, AgataKilinc, DevrimLee, Gil U.
15-Dec-2018Acute hypoxic exposure and prolyl-hydroxylase inhibition improves synaptic transmission recovery time from a subsequent hypoxic insult in rat hippocampusO'Connor, J. J.Lanigan, SineadCorcoran, AlanMukandala, GatambwaWall, Audrey M.
11-Apr-2018Enhancing Understanding of the Visual Cycle by Applying CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing in ZebrafishWard, RebeccaSundaramurthi, HusvineeDi Giacomo, ValeriaKennedy, Breandán
Sep-2018Evaluation of oncogenic cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 2 as a therapeutic target for uveal melanomaSlater, KayleighHoo, Pei SianBuckley, A. M.Piulats, J. M.Villanueva, A.Portela, A.Kennedy, Breandán
7-Oct-2016SARAH Domain-mediated MST2-RASSF Dimeric InteractionsSánchez-Sanz, GoarTywoniuk, BartłomiejMatallanas, DavidRomano, DavidNguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris N.Rosta, EdinaKolch, WalterBuchete, Nicolae-Viorel
3-Aug-2017Cysteine, Glutathione and Thiol Redox Balance in AstrocytesMcBean, Gethin J.
1-Apr-2016Phenotype-based Discovery of 2-[(E)-2-(Quinolin-2-yl)vinyl]phenol as a Novel Regulator of Ocular AngiogenesisReynolds, AlisonAlvarez, YolandaSasore, TemitopeWaghorne, NoraButler, Clare T.Kilty, ClaireSmith, Andrew J.Galvin, OrlaMerrigan, StephanieGrebnev, GlebKennedy, Breandánet al.
3-May-2017Piezoelectric Tensor of Collagen Fibrils Determined at the NanoscaleDenning, DeniseKilpatrick, J. I.Fukada, EiichiZhang, NanGilchrist, M. D.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Oct-2017Editorial overview: New technologies: drug delivery and medical devices combinations, more than the sum of the partsBrayden, David JamesHirst, Barry H.
Oct-2017Buccal delivery of small molecules and biologics: of mucoadhesive polymers, films, and nanoparticlesMorales, Javier O.Brayden, David James
18-Sep-2017BMP7-induced-Pten inhibits Akt and prevents renal fibrosisHiggins, Debra F.Weart, LeahMasterson, EndaTennant, SadhbhGrebnev, GlebMartin, FinianGodson, Catherineet al.
Jul-2017Lighting up kinase action in plateletsSmolenski, Albert P.
17-Jun-2016The MST/Hippo Pathway and Cell Death:A Non-Canonical AffairFallahi, EmmaO'Driscoll, Niamh A.Matallanas, David
13-Dec-2016ATR inhibitors as a synthetic lethal therapy for tumours deficient in ARID1AWilliamson, Chris T.Miller, RowanPemberton, Helen N.Jones, Samuel E.Campbell, JamesKonde, AshaBadham, NicholasRafiq, RumanaBrough, RachelGulati, AditiRyan, Colm J.Francis, JeffVermulen, Peter B.Reynolds, Andrew R.Reaper, Philip M.Pollard, John R.Ashworth, AlanLord, Christopher J.
7-Oct-2016Biocatalytic stereoinversion of D-para-bromophenylalanine in a one-pot three-enzyme reactionKhorsand, FahimehMurphy, Cormac D.Whitehead, Andrew J.Engel, Paul C.
31-Jul-2014Robustness and Evolvability of the Human Signaling NetworkKim, JunilVandamme, DriekeKim, Jeong-RaeMunoz, Amaya GarciaKolch, WalterCho, Kwang-Hyun
1-Apr-2015Signalling mechanisms regulating phenotypic changes in breast cancer cellsVolinsky, NataliaMcCarthy, Cormac J.Kriegsheim, Alex vonSaban, NinaOkada-Hatakeyama, MarikoKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.
Oct-2016Stabilization of C-RAF:KSR1 complex by DiRas3 reduces availability of C-RAF for dimerization with B-RAFBaljuls, AngelaDobrzyński, MaciejRauch, JensRauch, NoraKolch, Walter
19-Feb-2016Differential localization of A-Raf regulates MST2-mediated Apoptosis during Epithelial DifferentiationRauch, JensMack, B.McCann, BrendanVolinsky, NataliaBlanco-Fernandez, AlfonsoGires, O.Kolch, Walter
27-May-2016Hypercapnia Suppresses the HIF-dependent Adaptive Response to HypoxiaSelfridge, Andrew C.Cavadas, Miguel A. S.Scholz, Carsten C.Campbell, Eric L.Welch, Lynn C.Lecuona, EmiliaColgan, Sean P.Barrett, Kim E.Sporn, Peter H.Sznajder, Jacob I.Cummins, Eoin P.Taylor, Cormac T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 208