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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2018Predictive modelling of the water contact angle of surfaces using attenuated total reflection-Fourier transform infrared (ATR-FTIR) chemical imaging and partial least squares regression (PLSR)Mukherjee, SindhurajMartínez-González, J. A.Dowling, Denis P.Gowen, Aoife
Sep-2020Improving Data Quality of Low-cost IoT Sensors in Environmental Monitoring Networks Using Data Fusion and Machine Learning ApproachOkafor, Nwamaka U.Alghorani, YahiaDelaney, Declan T.
18-Jun-2019Establishing Waiting Time Thresholds in Interactive Web Mapping Applications for Network QoE ManagementJahromi, Hamed Z.Delaney, Declan T.Rooney, BrendanHines, Andrew
9-Mar-2020Beyond First Impressions: Estimating Quality of Experience for Interactive Web ApplicationsJahromi, Hamed Z.Delaney, Declan T.Hines, Andrew
11-Dec-2019Digital assessment of falls risk, frailty, and mobility impairment using wearable sensorsGreene, Barry R.McManus, KillianRedmond, StephenCaulfield, BrianQuinn, Charlene C.
May-2020Analysis and Design of Highly Efficient Wideband RF-Input Sequential Load Modulated Balanced Power AmplifierPang, JingzhouLi, YueLi, MengZhang, YikangZhou, Xin YuDai, ZhijiangZhu, Anding
Jun-2020Multiband Dual-Mode Doherty Power Amplifier Employing Phase Periodic Matching Network and Reciprocal Gate Bias for 5G ApplicationsPang, JingzhouDai, ZhijiangLi, YueLi, MengZhu, Anding
Jun-2020Bandwidth Enhancement of Doherty Power Amplifier Using Modified Load Modulation NetworkLi, MengPang, JingzhouLi, YueZhu, Anding
Dec-2019Fundamental Limits of Spectrum Sharing for NOMA-Based Cooperative Relaying under a Peak Interference ConstraintKumar, VaibhavCardiff, BarryFlanagan, Mark F.
1-Oct-2020Towards the Use of Blockchain Prediction Markets for Forecasting Wind PowerShamsi, MahdiehCuffe, Paul
1-Oct-2020Towards Embedding Network Usage Charges Within a Peer-to-Peer Electricity Marketplacede Villiers, AlmeroCuffe, Paul
1-Oct-2020Towards a Blockchain Contract-for-Difference Financial Instrument for Hedging Renewable Electricity TransactionsAlao, OlakunleCuffe, Paul
1-Oct-2020Towards a Blockchain Special Purpose Vehicle for Financing Independent Renewable Electricity Projects in Sub-Saharan AfricaAlao, OlakunleCuffe, Paul
1-Oct-2020Clustering Nodes in a Directed Acyclic Graph By Identifying Corridors of Coherent FlowJohn, John JacobBeiranvand, ArashCuffe, Paul
1-Oct-2020Optimization and Visualization Tools for Situational Awareness in Highly Renewable Power SystemsCuffe, Paul
1-Oct-2020Novel Branch Centrality Measures for Electrical Power Systems Considering Both Load-serving and Circulating CurrentsCuffe, PaulKeane, Andrew
24-Sep-2020Financial instruments on the blockchain: their role in energy transactionsCuffe, Paul
26-Mar-2020A Three-Tier Framework for Understanding Disruption Trajectories for Blockchain in the Electricity Industryde Villiers, AlmeroCuffe, Paul
6-Jul-2020Hijacking Internet-connected Devices to Provoke Harmful Oscillations in an Electrical Network: a Feasibility AssessmentCuffe, PaulGowing, Hugh
6-Aug-2020OTA-Based Data Acquisition and Signal Separation for Digital Predistortion of Multi-User MIMO Transmitters in 5GWang, XiaoyuLi, YueYu, ChaoHong, WeiZhu, Anding
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 635