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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Feb-2018Numerical Identification of Motor Units Using an Optimal Control ApproachSproll, Tobias; Schiela, Anton; Lowery, Madeleine M.
Jan-2018Validating Two Novel Equivalent Impedance EstimatorsCuffe, Paul; Milano, Frederico
29-Sep-2017A study of operation strategy of small scale heat storage devices in residential distribution feedersBakhtvar, Mostafa; Andrade-Cabrera, Carlos; Buttitta, Giuseppina; Neu, Olivier; Keane, Andrew
15-Jun-2016A 0.5ps 1.4mW 50MS/s Nyquist bandwidth time amplifier based two-step flash-ΔΣ time-to-digital converterWu, Ying; Staszewski, Robert Bogdan
9-Aug-2017Modelling Household Occupancy Profiles using Data Mining Clustering Techniques on Time Use DataButtitta, Giuseppina; Neu, Olivier; Turner, William J. N.; Finn, Donal
28-Jun-2017Modelling residential building stock heating load demand - Comparison of occupancy models at large scaleButtitta, Giuseppina; Turner, William J. N.; Neu, Olivier; Finn, Donal
17-Aug-2017Evaluation of Flexibility Impacts of Thermal Electric Storage Using an Integrated Building-to-Grid ModelAnwar, Muhammad Bashar; O'Malley, Mark; Burke, Daniel J.
26-Sep-2017Optimal Charging Schedules for Thermal Electric Storage in the Absence of CommunicationAnwar, Muhammad Bashar; O'Malley, Mark; Burke, Daniel J.
15-Nov-2017Ensemble Calibration of Lumped Parameter Retrofit Building Models using Particle Swarm OptimizationAndrade-Cabrera, Carlos; Burke, Daniel J.; Turner, William J. N.; Finn, Donal
7-Jul-2017Sub-hour Unit Commitment MILP Model with Benchmark Problem InstancesCarroll, Paula; Flynn, Damian; Fortz, Bernard; Melhorn, Alexander C.
9-Nov-2017Robust Multi-Objective PQ Scheduling for Electric Vehicles in Flexible Unbalanced Distribution GridsKnezović, Katarina; Soroudi, Alireza; Keane, Andrew; Marinelli, Mattia
Nov-2015Capacitive Energy Conversion with Circuits Implementing a Rectangular Charge-Voltage Cycle Part 2: Electromechanical and Nonlinear AnalysisO'Riordan, Eoghan; Dudka, Andrey; Galayko, Dimitri; Basset, Philippe; Feely, Orla; Blokhina, Elena
21-Dec-2016Renewables Integration, Flexibility Measures and Operational Tools for the Ireland and N. Ireland Power SystemFlynn, Damian; Power, Michael; O'Malley, Mark
Sep-2017Efficient large-scale energy storage dispatch: challenges in future high renewables systemsO'Dwyer, Ciara; Ryan, L. (Lisa B.); Flynn, Damian
Nov-2016Wind and solar curtailment: a review of international experienceBird, Lori; Lew, Debra; Milligan, Michael R.; Flynn, Damian; et al.
Feb-2016Sigma Delta Effects and Charge Locking in Capacitive MEMS under Dielectric Charge ControlGiounanlis, Panagiotis; Gorreta, Sergi; Dominguez, Manuel; Pons Nin, Joan; Feely, Orla; Blokhina, Elena
Nov-2014Studying the maximum instantaneous non-synchronous generation in an Island system-frequency stability challenges in IrelandO'Sullivan, Jon; Rogers, Alan; Flynn, Damian; Smith, Paul; Mullane, Alan; O'Malley, Mark
2017A Deterministic Approach to Locating Series Flow-Controllers Within Transmission Systems to Alleviate CongestionCuffe, Paul; Keane, Andrew
Apr-2017Impact of voltage dip induced delayed active power recovery on wind integrated power systemsZ.H. Rather, D. Flynn; Rather, Zakir H.; Flynn, Damian
15-Jun-2016Exponential extended flash time-to-digital converterChen, Peng; Staszewski, Robert Bogdan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 418