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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jan-2019Analytic loss minimization: Theoretical framework of a second order optimization methodDassios, Ioannis K.
20-Jan-2019Calculating Nodal Voltages Using the Admittance Matrix Spectrum of an Electrical NetworkDassios, Ioannis K.Keane, AndrewCuffe, Paul
13-Mar-2019A novel approach to model a gas networkEkhtiari, AliDassios, Ioannis K.Liu, MuyangSyron, Eoin
5-Oct-2018Smart Transformer and Low Frequency Transformer Comparison on Power Delivery Characteristics in the Power SystemChen, JunruZhu, RongwuO'Donnell, TerenceLiserre, Marco
Sep-2018A practical formula of solutions for a family of linear non-autonomous fractional nabla difference equationsDassios, Ioannis K.
6-Dec-2018Optimal solutions for singular linear systems of Caputo fractional differential equationsDassios, Ioannis K.Baleanu, Dumitru
19-Apr-2018Stability of bounded dynamical networks with symmetryDassios, Ioannis K.
25-Jun-2018Energy Efficiency Maximization for C-RANs: Discrete Monotonic Optimization, Penalty, and ℓ0-Approximation MethodsNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
31-Aug-2018Wideband Self-Interference Cancellation for 5G Full-Duplex Radio Using a Near-Field Sensor ArrayKeogh, BrianZhu, Anding
20-Aug-2018Modelling, Simulation and Hardware-in-the-Loop Validation of Virtual Synchronous Generator Control in Low Inertia Power SystemChen, JunruLiu, MuyangO'Loughlin, CathalMilano, FedericoO'Donnell, Terence
28-Jun-2018Neutral current reduction control for smart transformer under the imbalanced load in distribution systemChen, JunruZhu, RongwuLiserre, MarcoO'Donnell, Terence
Sep-2018Harmonic stability of VSC connected Low Frequency AC offshore transmission with long HVAC cablesRuddy, JonathanChen, JunruMeere, RonanO'Loughlin, CathalO’Donnell, Terence Martin
22-Nov-2017Efficient Zero-Forcing Precoder Design for Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization With Per-Antenna Power ConstraintPham, Thuy M.Farrell, RonanDooley, JohnTran, Le-Namet al.
2-Feb-2018Joint Virtual Computing and Radio Resource Allocation in Limited Fronthaul Green C-RANsLuong, PhuongGagnon, FrançoisDespins, CharlesTran, Le-Nam
15-Mar-2018Topology Adaptive Sum Rate Maximization in the Downlink of Dynamic Wireless NetworksSugathapala, InoshaHanif, Muhammad FainanLorenzo, BeatrizGlisic, SavoJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
13-Sep-2018Globally Optimal Energy Efficiency Maximization for Capacity-Limited Fronthaul Crans with Dynamic Power Amplifiers’ EfficiencyNguyen, Kien-GiangVu, Quang-DoanhTran, Le-NamJuntti, Markku
7-Dec-2017Digital Suppression of Transmitter Leakage in FDD RF Transceivers: Aliasing Elimination and Model SelectionCao, WenhuiLi, YueZhu, Anding
7-Dec-2017Design of VSC Connected Low Frequency AC Offshore Transmission with Long HVAC CablesRuddy, JonathanMeere, RonanO'Loughlin, CathalO'Donnell, Terence
21-Aug-2017Multigroup Multicast Beamformer Design for MISO-OFDM With Antenna SelectionVenkatraman, GaneshTolli, AnttiJuntti, MarkkuTran, Le-Nam
21-Dec-2017A reconfigurable in-band digital predistortion technique for mmWave power amplifiers excited by a signal with 640 MHz modulation bandwidthYu, ChaoHou, DebinSun, HongleiZhu, Andinget al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 514