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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989A nitrate groundwater standard for the 1990 farm billMagette, W. L.Weismiller, R. A.Angle, J. al.
Mar-1989Nutrient and Sediment Removal by Vegetated Filter StipsMagette, W. L.Brinsfield, Russell B.Palmer, Robert E.Wood, James D.
1995Traffic Loading 'Fingerprinting' of Bridges of Assessment PurposesO'Brien, Eugene J.Sloan, T. D.Butler, K. M.Kirkpatrick, J.
1996Recommendations on The Use of a 3-D Grillage Model for Bridge Deck AnalysisKeogh, D.L.O'Brien, Eugene J.
5-May-1996WAVE - A European Research Project on Weigh-in-MotionJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.
Jul-1997Optimal Plastic Design of Pitched Roof Frames for Multiple LoadingsO'Brien, Eugene J.Dixon, A.S.
1998Effects of Traffic Loads on Road Bridges - Preliminary Studies for the Re-Asessment of the Traffic Load Model for Eurocode 1, Part 3.O'Connor, AlanJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.Prat, Michel
Dec-1998Upstand Finite Element Analysis of Slab BridgesO'Brien, Eugene J.Keogh, D.L.
1999Comparison of Two Independently Developed Bridge Weigh-In-Motion SystemsO'Brien, Eugene J.Znidaric, AlesDempsey, Anthony T.
Oct-1999Simplified Elastic Model for Restraining Effects of Backfill Soil on Integral bridgesLehane, Barry M.Keogh, D.L.O'Brien, Eugene J.
2000Test of WIM Sensors and Systems on an Urban RoadCaprez, MarkusDoupal, EmilJacob, BernardO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.
2000An Experimental Investigtion of Spatial RepeatabilityO'Connor, AlanO'Brien, Eugene J.Jacob, Bernard
2000Assessment of the Accuracy and Classification of Weigh-in-Motion Systems: Part 2 European SpecificationJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.Newton, William
2000The Determination of Site-Specific Imposed Traffic Loadings on Existing BridgesGraves, S.A.O'Brien, Eugene J.O'Connor, Alan
Jun-2000The performance of Irish aggregates in the 'ultra-accelerated test' for alkali-aggregate reactivity with particular reference to chert contentMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Jun-2001Weighing-In-Motion of Axles and Vehicles for Europe (WAVE) WP1.2: Bridge WIM SystemsO'Brien, Eugene J.Znidaric, AlesBaumgärtner, WernerGonzález, ArturoMcNulty, Peteret al.
5-Oct-2001Report of Current Studies Performed on Normal Load Model of EC1-Part 2. Traffic Loads on Bridges, 5(4),O'Connor, AlanJacob, BernardO'Brien, Eugene J.Prat, Michel
2002Critical Loading Events for the Assessment of Medium-Span BridgesCaprani, Colin C.Graves, S.A.O'Brien, Eugene J.
Oct-2002Comparison of different forms of the multi-layer feed-forward neural network method used for river flow forecast combinationShamseldin, Asaad Y.Nasr, Ahmed ElssidigO'Connor, Kieran M.