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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2016Virtual pyramid wavefront sensor for phase unwrappingAkondi, VyasVohnsen, BrianMarcos, Susana
15-Jul-2014Multi-faceted digital pyramid wavefront sensorAkondi, VyasCastillo, SaraVohnsen, Brian
1-Jan-2017The retina and the Stiles–Crawford effectsVohnsen, Brian
Mar-2016Rate of riboflavin diffusion from intrastromal channels before corneal crosslinkingMcQuaid, Rebecca MarianMrochen, MichaelVohnsen, Brian
18-Oct-2013Defocus-corrected analysis of the foveal Stiles-Crawford effect of the first kind across the visible spectrumLochocki, BenjaminVohnsen, Brian
21-Feb-2017Uniaxial flicker analysis of the psychophysical Stiles–Crawford effectsLochocki, BenjaminVohnsen, Brian
21-Aug-2020Monocular foveal, parafoveal, and perifoveal accommodation response to random defocus step changesSharmin, NajninVohnsen, Brian
5-Aug-2021The impact of aberrations in a 3D retinal model eyeVohnsen, Brian
4-Sep-2020Understanding the role of retinal cone photoreceptors in color perception, blur, and emmetropizationVohnsen, Brian
1-Dec-2021Geometrical scaling of the developing eye and photoreceptors and a possible relation to emmetropization and myopiaVohnsen, Brian
15-Nov-2017Retina-simulating phantom produced by photolithographyValente, DeniseVohnsen, Brian
26-Jun-2022Two Classes of Gamma-ray Bursts Distinguished within the First Second of Their Prompt EmissionSalmon, LanaHanlon, LorraineMartin-Carrillo, Antonio
25-Jun-2022Two Dimensional Clustering of Swift/BAT and Fermi/GBM Gamma-ray BurstsSalmon, LanaHanlon, LorraineMartin-Carrillo, Antonio
15-May-2022A Biomimetic High Throughput Model of Cancer Cell Spheroid Dissemination onto Aligned Fibrillar CollagenIbrahim, HossamThorpe, Stephen D.Paukshto, Michael V.Rodriguez, Brian al.
29-Apr-2022Two-Channel Charge-Kondo Physics in Graphene Quantum DotsMinarelli, Emma L.Rigo, Jonas B.Mitchell, Andrew K.
27-Jul-2021An Empirical Evaluation of Kernels for Time Series ClassificationBadiane, MourtadhaCunningham, Pádraig
1-Apr-2022Graphene oxide modulates inter-particle interactions in 3D printable soft nanocomposite hydrogels restoring magnetic hyperthermia responsesRani Aluri, EstherGannon, EdwardSingh, KrutikaKolagatla, SrikanthKowiorski, KrystianShingte, SameerMcKiernan, EoinMoloney, CaraMcGarry, KatieJowett, LiamRodriguez, Brian J.Brougham, Dermot F.Wychowaniec, Jacek K.
4-Feb-2021Spatiotemporally Resolved Heat Dissipation in 3D Patterned Magnetically Responsive HydrogelsMonks, PatriciaWychowaniec, Jacek K.McKiernan, EoinClerkin, ShaneCrean, JohnRodriguez, Brian J.Reynaud, Emmanuel G.Heise, AndreasBrougham, Dermot F.
8-Sep-2020Unfolding the prospects of computational (bio)materials modellingSevink, G. J. AgurLiwo, Jozef AdamAsinari, PietroMacKernan, Donalet al.
2-Aug-2020Prediction of Optimal Synthesis Conditions for the Formation of Ordered Double-Transition-Metal MXenes (o-MXenes)Caffrey, Nuala M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 239