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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-20193D-Printed Peptide-Hydrogel Nanoparticle Composites for Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy SensingAlmohammed, SawsanAlruwaili, MahaReynaud, Emmanuel GRedmond, GarethRice, James HRodriguez, Brian J
16-Jul-2019Liquid-phase 3D bioprinting of gelatin alginate hydrogels: influence of printing parameters on hydrogel line width and layer heightAlruwaili, MahaLopez, Jose A.McCarthy, KevinReynaud, Emmanuel G.Rodriguez, Brian J.
15-Nov-2018EU US Roadmap Nanoinformatics 2030Lobaskin, VladimirPuzyn, TomaszVerheyen, Geertet al.
17-May-2019Nucleobase sensing using highly-sensitive surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy templates comprising organic semiconductor peptide nanotubes and metal nanoparticlesAlmohammed, SawsanRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James H.
1-Aug-2018EIRSAT-1 - The Educational Irish Research SatelliteMurphy, DavidJoe, FlanaganThompson, Joseph W.Doyle, MaeveErkal, JessicaGloster, AndrewO'Toole, ConorSalmon, LanaSherwin, DaireWalsh, Sarahde Faoite, DaithíMcBreen, SheilaMcKeown, DavidO'Connor, WilliamStanton, Kenneth T.Ulyanov, AlexeiWall, RonanHanlon, Lorraine
1-Aug-2018EduCube: The 1U Educational CubeSatMurphy, DavidLynn, DavidMcBreen, SheilaMartin-Carrillo, AntonioCoffey, DeirdreJeffrey, RobertVagg, DanielHanlon, Lorraine
26-Jul-2018Towards a Tuneable Thermal Conductivity Material via Low Voltage Ordering of CNT NetworksZerulla, DominicGordon, John David
26-Jul-2018Surface Plasmon Resonance Induced Photothermal Lysis of the CellGordon, John DavidZerulla, Dominic
25-Jan-2018Role of contact inhibition of locomotion and junctional mechanics in epithelial collective responses to injuryCoburn, LukeLopez, HenderSchouwenaar, Irin-Mayaet al.
10-Jan-2018Structure and elasticity of bush and brush-like models of the endothelial glycocalyxKabedev, AlekseiLobaskin, Vladimir
1-Oct-2017Assessing the State of an Organism and Toxicity of Substances Using Biochemical IndicatorsРабинович, Александр ЛьвовичВысоцкая, Римма УльяновнаLyubartsev, AlexanderLobaskin, Vladimiret al.
1-Aug-2018Polarized Ukraine 2014: opinion and territorial split demonstrated with the bounded confidence XY model, parametrized by Twitter dataRomenskyy, MaksymSpaiser, ViktoriaIhle, ThomasLobaskin, Vladimir
28-Dec-2018Quantitative comparison of closed-loop and dual harmonic Kelvin probe force microscopy techniquesKilpatrick, Jason I.Collins, LiamWeber, Stefan A. L.Rodriguez, Brian J.
29-Mar-2019Electric Field-Induced Chemical Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy from Aligned Peptide Nanotube–Graphene Oxide Templates for Universal Trace Detection of BiomoleculesAlmohammed, SawsanZhang, FengyuanRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James H.
27-Jul-2018Hartmann–Shack wavefront sensing without a lenslet array using a digital micromirror deviceVohnsen, BrianCarmichael Martins, AlessandraQaysi, SalihahSharmin, Najnin
14-Jan-2016Dispersion and Solvation Effects on the Structure and Dynamics of N719 Adsorbed to Anatase Titania (101) Surfaces in Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids: An ab Initio Molecular Simulation StudyByrne, AaronEnglish, Niall J.Schwingenschlögl, UdoCoker, David F.
Jan-2018A systematic study via ab-initio MD of the effect solvation by room temperature ionic liquid has on the structure of a chromophore-titania interfaceByrne, AaronEnglish, Niall J.
13-Nov-2018Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Effect of Solvation by Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids on the Vibrational Properties of a N719-Chromophore/Titania InterfaceByrne, AaronKrishnan, YogeshwaranEnglish, Niall J.
22-Jul-2015Nanomechanics of Cells and Biomaterials Studied by Atomic Force MicroscopyKilpatrick, J. I.Revenko, IrèneRodriguez, Brian J.
7-Dec-2018X-shooter and ALMA spectroscopy of GRB 161023Ade Ugarte Postigo, AntonioThöne, Christina C.Bolmer, JanMartin-Carrillo, AntonioHanlon, LorraineMurphy, DavidSalmon, Lánaet al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 162