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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-May-2017Piezoelectric Tensor of Collagen Fibrils Determined at the NanoscaleDenning, Denise; Kilpatrick, J. I.; Fukada, Eiichi; Zhang, Nan; Gilchrist, M. D.; Rodriguez, Brian J.; et al.
11-May-2017Kondo blockade due to quantum interference in single-molecule junctionsMitchell, Andrew K.; Pedersen, Kim G. L.; HedegĂ„rd, Per; Paaske, Jens
2018Analysing the impact of myopia on the Stiles-Crawford effect of the first kind using a digital micromirror deviceCarmichael Martins, Alessandra; Vohnsen, Brian
Jul-2016Coarse Master Equations for Binding Kinetics of Amyloid Peptide DimersLeahy, Cathal; Murphy, Ronan D.; Hummer, Gerhard; Rosta, Edina; Buchete, Nicolae-Viorel
28-Sep-2017Variational Identification of Markovian Transition StatesMartini, Linda; Kells, Adam; Covino, Roberto; Buchete, Nicolae-Viorel; et al.
Jun-2015Development of glass-ceramic scintillators for gamma-ray astronomyde Faoite, DaithĂ­; Hanlon, Lorraine; Roberts, O.; Ulyanov, A.; McBreen, S.; Tobin, I.; Stanton, Kenneth T.
Jul-2015Motion of Euglena gracilis: Active fluctuations and velocity distributionRomanczuk, M.; Romensky, Maksym; Scholz, Dimitri; Lobaskin, Vladimir; Schimansky-Geier, L.
Feb-2017Thermal and aqueous stability improvement of graphene oxide enhanced diphenylalanine nanocompositesRyan, Kate; Neumayer, Sabine M.; Maraka, Harsha Vardhan R.; Nicolae-Viorel, Buchete; Kholkin, Andrei L.; Rice, James H.; Rodriguez, Brian J.
Jan-2017Charge and topography patterned lithium niobate provides physical cues to fluidically isolated cortical axonsKilinc, Devrim; Blasiak, Agata; Baghban, M. A.; Carville, N. Craig; Al-Aladi, A.; Al-Shammari, R. M.; Rice, James H.; Lee, Gil U.; Rodriguez, Brian J.; et al.
24-Dec-2014Tricritical points in a Vicsek model of self-propelled particles with bounded confidenceRomensky, Maksym; Lobaskin, Vladimir; Ihle, Thomas
Dec-2015Coarse-grained model of adsorption of blood plasma proteins onto nanoparticlesLopez, Hender; Lobaskin, Vladimir
Sep-2014In vitro study of the interaction of heregulin-functionalized magnetic-optical nanorods with MCF7 and MDA-MB- 231 cellsLesniak, Anna; Kilinc, Devrim; Rashdan, Suad Ahmed; Kriegsheim, Alexander von; Ashall, B.; Zerulla, Dominic; Kolch, Walter; Lee, Gil U.
Jan-2015Quantifying nanoscale biochemical heterogeneity in human epithelial cancer cells using combined AFM and PTIR absorption nanoimagingKennedy, Eamonn; Al-Majmaie, Rasoul; Al-Rubeai, Mohamed; Zerulla, Dominic; Rice, James H.
May-2015Plasmon enhanced fluorescence studies from aligned gold nanorod arrays modified with SiO2 spacer layersDamm, Signe; Fedele, Stefano; Murphy, Antony; Barry, James N.; Dowling, Denis P.; Rice, James H.; et al.
Dec-2014Application of AAO matrix in aligned gold nanorod array substrates for surface-Enhanced fluorescence and Raman scatteringDamm, Signe; Lordan, Frances; Murphy, Antony; Rice, James H.; et al.
Feb-2016Strong coupling in molecular exciton-plasmon Au nanorod array systemsFedele, Stefano; Hakami, Manal; Murphy, Antony; Pollard, Robert; Rice, James H.
21-Mar-2016Interface modulated currents in periodically proton exchanged Mg doped lithium niobateNeumayer, Sabine M.; Manzo, Michele; Kholkin, Andrei L.; Gallo, Katia; Rodriguez, Brian J.
7-Jul-2016Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticle Arrays Photodeposited on Periodically Proton Exchanged Lithium NiobateCarville, N. Craig; Neumayer, Sabine M.; Manzo, Michele; Gallo, Katia; Rodriguez, Brian J.
2016Wettability gradient-induced alignment of peptide nanotubes as templates for biosensing applicationsAlmohammed, Sawsan; Oladapo, Sarah O.; Ryan, Kate; Kholkin, Andrei L.; Rice, James H.; Rodriguez, Brian J.
Feb-2016Applications of piezoresponse force microscopy in materials research: from inorganic ferroelectrics to biopiezoelectrics and beyondDenning, Denise; Guyonnet, Jill; Rodriguez, Brian J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 140