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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Oct-2020In Silico Prediction of Protein Adsorption Energy on Titanium Dioxide and Gold NanoparticlesAlsharif, Shada A.Power, DavidRouse, IanLobaskin, Vladimir
24-Jun-2020Translating Scientific Advances in the AOP Framework to Decision Making for NanomaterialsEde, James D.Lobaskin, VladimirVogel, Ullaet al.
5-May-2021Development of the Ground Segment Communication System for the EIRSAT-1 CubeSatMarshall, FergalMurphy, DavidSalmon, LanaO'Callaghan, DerekDoyle, MaeveReilly, JackDunwoody, RachelErkal, JessicaFinneran, GabrielFontanesi, GianlucaKyle, JackMangan, JosephThompson, Joseph W.Walsh, Sarahde Faoite, DaithíHanlon, LorraineMcKeown, DavidO'Connor, WilliamWall, RonanMcBreen, SheilaGreene, Derek
5-May-2021Development and Validation of the Operations Procedures and Manual for a 2U CubeSat, EIRSAT-1, with Three Novel PayloadsDunwoody, RachelDoyle, MaeveMurphy, DavidFinneran, GabrielO'Callaghan, DerekReilly, JackThompson, Joseph W.Walsh, SarahErkal, JessicaFontanesi, GianlucaKyle, JackMangan, JosephMarshall, FergalSalmon, Lanade Faoite, DaithíHanlon, LorraineMcKeown, DavidO'Connor, WilliamWall, RonanMcBreen, Sheila
Jan-2021Self-Assembly of Amyloid-Beta and Its Piezoelectric PropertiesRosales, IvonneSalazar, LauraLuna, DanielRodriguez, Brian al.
21-May-2015Nanoscale Piezoelectric Properties of Self-Assembled Fmoc-FF Peptide Fibrous NetworksRyan, KateBeirne, JasonRedmond, GarethKilpatrick, J. I.Guyonnet, JillBuchete, Nicolae-ViorelKholkin, Andrei L.Rodriguez, Brian J.
15-Mar-2018Single-Molecule Nonresonant Wide-Field Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering from Ferroelectrically Defined Au Nanoparticle MicroarraysAl-Shammari, Rusul M.Al-Attar, NebrasManzo, MicheleGallo, KatiaRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James H.
23-Jul-2018Locally controlled Cu-ion transport in layered ferroelectric CuInP2S6Balke, NinaNeumayer, Sabine M.Brehm, John A.Rodriguez, Brian al.
31-Jul-2018Surface Chemistry Controls Anomalous Ferroelectric Behavior in Lithium NiobateNeumayer, Sabine M.Ievlev, Anton V.Collins, LiamRodriguez, Brian al.
20-Nov-2018Decoupling Mesoscale Functional Response in PLZT across the Ferroelectric-Relaxor Phase Transition with Contact Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy and Machine LearningNeumayer, Sabine M.Collins, LiamVasudevan, RamaRodriguez, Brian al.
1-Feb-2019Giant negative electrostriction and dielectric tunability in a van der Waals layered ferroelectricNeumayer, Sabine M.Eliseev, Eugene A.Susner, Michael A.Rodriguez, Brian al.
Oct-2020Fibril size-dependent control of polar ordering in type I collagen membranesZhang, FengyuanRodriguez, Brian J.Sawamura, StevenPaukshto, Michael V.
24-Nov-2020Electric Field-Driven Catalytic Activity Using a Bioinspired Peptide and Titanium Dioxide Semiconductor Composite with Metal NanoparticlesAlmohammed, SawsanFularz, AgataRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James H.
15-Oct-2020Flexing Piezoelectric Diphenylalanine-Plasmonic Metal Nanocomposites to Increase SERS Signal StrengthAlmohammed, SawsanFularz, AgataZhang, FengyuanAlvarez-Ruiz, DianaRodriguez, Brian J.Rice, James al.
Sep-2020Atomic and Close-to-Atomic Scale Manufacturing: A Review on Atomic Layer Removal Methods Using Atomic Force MicroscopyMathew, Paven ThomasRodriguez, Brian J.Fang, Fengzhou
15-Sep-2020Energy harvesting with peptide nanotube-graphene oxide flexible substrates prepared with electric field and wettability assisted self-assemblyAlmohammed, SawsanThampi, AbiBazaid, ArwaZhang, FengyuanKeogh, KevinRice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian al.
17-Jan-2020Investigation of AFM-based machining of ferroelectric thin films at the nanoscaleZhang, FengyuanEdwards, DavidDeng, XiongKilpatrick, J. I.Rodriguez, Brian al.
11-Dec-2020Can an InChI for Nano Address the Need for a Simplified Representation of Complex Nanomaterials across Experimental and Nanoinformatics Studies?Lynch, IseultAfantitis, AntreasExner, ThomasLobaskin, Vladimiret al.
14-Aug-2018Photoinduced Enhanced Raman from Lithium Niobate on Insulator TemplateAl-Shammari, Rusul M.Baghban, Mohammad AminAl-Attar, NebrasGowen, AoifeGallo, KatiaRice, James H.Rodriguez, Brian J.
17-Jan-2020Understanding and Controlling Food Protein Structure and Function in Foods: Perspectives from Experiments and Computer SimulationsSilva, Fernando Luís Barroso daCarloni, PaoloCheung, DavidGulzar, MuhammadJacquier, Jean ChristopheLobaskin, VladimirMacKernan, Donalet al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 239