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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-1989The real wage gap in Ireland and its development over time : the Irish experience 1960-1987Walsh, Patrick P.Walsh, FrankWoelger, Ernestine
Nov-1991A general framework for analysing endogenous trade divergencesWalsh, Patrick P.
1994Cartel stability and the Joint Executive Committee, 1880-1886Lobato, Ignacio N.Walsh, Patrick P.
1994A flow analysis of the link between Irish and British unemploymentHarrison, Michael J.Walsh, Patrick P.
1995The impact of discriminatory legislation on Irish female unemployment flowsHarrison, Michael J.Strobl, EricWalsh, Patrick P.
1996Structural change and long-term unemployment in IrelandStrobl, EricWalsh, Patrick P.
1996The optimality of loss leading in multi-product retail pricing - a rationale for repealing the 1987 Groceries Order in IrelandWalsh, Patrick P.Whelan, Ciara
1997The effect of real exchange rate movements on the life expectancy of manufacturing plants in Ireland, 1973-94Konings, JozefWalsh, Patrick P.
1997Structural adjustment and regional long term unemployment in PolandLehmann, HartmutO'Flaherty, JohnWalsh, Patrick P.
1997Price dispersion and strategic outcomes : an analysis of the Irish independent grocery sectorWalsh, Patrick P.Whelan, Ciara
1998European trade and foreign direct investment u-shaping industrial output in Central and Eastern Europe : theory and evidenceRepkine, AlexanderWalsh, Patrick P.
Apr-1998European Union trade and investment flows u-shaping industrial output in Central and Eastern Europe : theory and evidenceRepkine, AlexanderWalsh, Patrick P.
1999A rationale for repealing the 1987 Groceries OrderWhelan, CiaraWalsh, Patrick P.
1999Employment dynamics of newly established and traditional firms : a comparison of Russia and the UkraineKonings, JozefWalsh, Patrick P.
1999Gradual restructuring and structural unemployment in Poland. A legacy of central planningLehmann, HartmutWalsh, Patrick P.
2000The importance of structural change in industry for growthWhelan, CiaraWalsh, Patrick P.
2000Dealing with difference : the Republican public-private distinctionHonohan, Iseult
2000Sunk costs and the growth and failure of small businessWalsh, Patrick P.
2000Regional unemployment in Poland : a legacy of central planningWalsh, Patrick P.
2000The common good and the politics of communityHonohan, Iseult