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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Irish drug abusers I : Their social backgrounds.Carr, AlanKelly, M. G.Hart, I.
1981Irish drug abusers II : Their psychological characteristics.Carr, AlanKelly, M. G.Hart, I.
1981Irish drug abusers III: A psychosocial typologyCarr, AlanKelly, M. G.Hart, I.
1984Jay Haley's Invited address to the World Congress on Behaviour Therapy, Washington DC, 1983Carr, Alan
Jun-1985The effects of actual and potential stressor control on physiological and self-reported stress responsesCarr, Alan
1988Effects of actual and potential stressor control on physiological and self reported stress responsesCarr, AlanWilde, Gerald J. S.
1988Thurlow house assessment programme for families with physically abused childrenGawlinski, GeorgeCarr, AlanMacDonnell, DermotIrving, Nick
1989Concurrent individual and family therapy in a case of elective mutismCarr, AlanAfnan, Shahin
1989Thurlow House Adolescent Assessment ProgrammeCarr, AlanGawlinski, GeorgeMcDonnell, DermotIrving, NickDocking, Sheila
1989Anorexia Nervosa: The treatment of a male case with combined behavioural and family therapyCarr, AlanMcDonnell, DermotAfnan, Shahin
1989Countertransference reactions to families where child abuse has occurredCarr, Alan
1990Failure in family therapy: A catalogue of engagement mistakesCarr, Alan
Feb-1990The acquisition of Irish : a study of word order developmentHickey, Tina
Jun-1990A formulation model for use in family therapyCarr, Alan
1991Milan systemic family therapy: a review of 10 empirical investigationsCarr, Alan
1991Power and influence in systemic consultationCarr, Alan
Oct-1991Mean Length of Utterance and the Acquisition of IrishHickey, Tina
1992De Milanese systeemgerichte gezinstherapie: een overzicht van tien empirische onderzoekenCarr, Alan
1993Carrying parcels and making puddings: two co-operative stylesCarr, Alan
1993Epidemiology of psychological disorders in Irish childrenCarr, Alan