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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1983Development Plan Rezonings: The Political PressuresKomito, Lee
Apr-1984Irish clientelism: a reappraisalKomito, Lee
Sep-1985Politics and Clientelism in Urban Ireland: information, reputation, and brokerageKomito, Lee
1989Dublin Politics: symbolic dimensions of clientelism
1-Jan-1989Voters, politicians, and bureaucrats: a Dublin surveyKomito, Lee
1992Information Technology and Regional Developments: promises and prospects
Jan-1992Brokerage or friendship? politics and networks in IrelandKomito, Lee
31-Dec-1993Personalism and brokerage in Dublin politicsKomito, Lee
Jan-1994Communities of Practice or Communities of Trust? global culture and information technologyKomito, Lee
Jul-1997Politics and Administrative Practice in the Irish Information SocietyKomito, Lee
1-Jan-1998The Net as a Foraging Society: Flexible CommunitiesKomito, Lee
1-Dec-1998Paper 'work' and electronic files: Defending professional practiceKomito, Lee
1-Apr-1999Political Transformations: clientelism and technological changeKomito, Lee
27-Aug-1999Knowledge and Culture: limitations of place in the Information SocietyKomito, Lee
1-Jan-2001Electronic communities in an information society: paradise, mirage, or malaise?Komito, Lee
1-Jan-2002DublinKomito, Lee
16-Sep-2004Political participationKomito, Lee
16-Sep-2004Beyond the individual: Culture, nationalism, communityKomito, Lee
16-Sep-2004Individuals and social changeKomito, Lee
Jul-2005E-participation and Governance: Widening the netKomito, Lee