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1-Feb-2003Endothelium-dependent and -independent relaxation and VASP serines 157/239 phosphorylation by cyclic nucleotide-elevating vasodilators in rat aortaSchäfer, AndreasBurkhardt, MickVollkommer, TobiasSmolenski, Albert al.
Apr-2004Quantitative analysis of the cardiac fibroblast transcriptome-implications for NO/cGMP signalingSmolenski, Albert P.Schultess, JanDanielewski, Oliveret al.
15-Oct-2004Personality disorder, depression and functioning: results from the ODIN studyCasey, Patricia R.Birbeck, GailMcDonagh, Catherineet al.
2005Investigation of ultrasound methods for the assessment of sex and age from human intact teethFeeney, Robin N. M.
Feb-2005The NO/cGMP pathway inhibits Rap 1 activation in human platelets via cGMP-dependent protein kinase IDanielewski, OliverSchultess, JanSmolenski, Albert P.
15-Apr-2005Rap1GAP2 is a new GTPase-activating protein of Rap1 expressed in human plateletsSchultess, JanDanielewski, OliverSmolenski, Albert P.
2006Factors associated with suicidal ideation in the general population : Five-centre analysis from the ODIN studyCasey, Patricia R.Dunn, GrahamKelly, Brendan al.
2006Health service use by adults with depression: community survey in five European countries - Evidence from the ODIN studyMcCracken, CherieDalgard, Odd SteffenAyuso-Mateos, Jose LuisCasey, Patricia R.Wilkinson, GregLehtinen, VilleDowrick, Christopher
Jun-2006Can adjustment disorders and depressive episodes be distinguished? Results from ODINCasey, Patricia R.Maracy, MohammadKelly, Brendan al.
Jan-2007Effect of Directed Training on Reader Performance for CT Colonography: Multicenter studyEuropean Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology CT Colongraphy Study Group InvestigatorsFenlon, Helen M.Foley, Shane al.
Feb-2007Sex-specific promoters regulate Dnmt3L expression in mouse germ cellsShovlin, T. C.Bourc'his, D.La Salle, S.O'Doherty, Alanet al.
Apr-2007The role of personality disorder in 'difficult to reach' patients with depression: Findings from the ODIN studyKelly, Brendan D.Casey, Patricia R.Dunn, Grahamet al.
4-May-2007Phosphodiesterase 2A forms a complex with the co-chaperone XAP2 and regulates nuclear translocation of the aryl hydrocarbon receptorOliveira, Simone Kobe deHoffmeister, MeikeGambaryan, StepanSmolenski, Albert al.
Oct-2007Development of a synthetic phantom for the selection of optimal scanning parameters in CAD-CT colonographyChowdhury, Tarik A.Whelan, Paul F.Ghita, OvidiuSezille, NcolasFoley, Shane J.
25-Jan-2008Cyclic nucleotide-dependent Protein Kinases Inhibit Binding of 14-3-3 to the GTPase-activating Protein Rap1GAP2 in PlateletsHoffmeister, MeikeRiha, PavelNeumüller, OlgaSmolenski, Albert al.
Apr-2008The prevalence of suicidal ideation in the general population: results from the Outcome of Depression International Network (ODIN) studyCasey, Patricia R.Dunn, GrahamKelly, Brendan al.
Jun-2008Optimal Probe Length Varies for Targets with High Sequence Variation: Implications for Probe Library Design for Resequencing Highly Variable GenesHaslam, Niall J.Whiteford, Nava E.Weber, GeraldPrügel-Bennett, AdamEssex, Jonathan W.Neylon, Cameron
2009Adjustment disorders with depressed mood: A critique of its DSM-IV and ICD-10 conceptualization and recommendations for the futureBaumeister, H.Maercker, A.Casey, Patricia R.
15-Feb-2009Phosphodiesterases link the aryl hydrocarbon receptor complex to cyclic nucleotide signalingOliveira, Simone Kobe deSmolenski, Albert P.
12-Mar-2009Is Grannum Grading of the Placenta Reproducible?Moran, MaryRyan, JohnBrennan, PatrickHiggins, MaryMcAuliffe, Fionnuala M.