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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jun-2018An Outlook on Seismic Diffraction Imaging Using Pattern RecognitionLowney, B.Lokmer, IvanBean, C.J.O'Brien, G. S.Igoe, M.
28-Feb-2019Geophysical examination of the 27 April 2016 Whakaari/White Island, New Zealand, eruption and its implications for vent physiognomies and eruptive dynamicsWalsh, BradenProcter, JonathanLokmer, Ivanet al.
10-Nov-2016A silicified Early Triassic marine assemblage from SvalbardFoster, William J.Danise, SilviaTwitchett, Richard J.
1-Feb-20193-D Modeling of the Lisheen and Silvermines Deposits, County Tipperary, Ireland: Insights into Structural Controls on the Formation of Irish Zn-Pb DepositsKyne, RoisinTorremans, KoenGüven, JohnDoyle, RobertWalsh, John J.
26-May-2019The use of accelerometers in UAVs for bridge health monitoringFeng, KunCasero, MiguelGonzález, Arturo
23-Nov-2018Geomechanical modelling of sinkhole development using Distinct Elements: Model verification for a single void space and application to the Dead Sea areaAl-Halbouni, DjamilHolohan, EoghanTaheri, Abbaset al.
13-Nov-2018Relating gas ascent to eruption triggering for the April 27, 2016, White Island (Whakaari), New Zealand eruption sequenceJolly, ArthurLokmer, IvanChristenson, BruceThun, Johannes
1-Nov-2018Controls on Metal Distributions at the Lisheen and Silvermines Deposits: Insights into Fluid Flow Pathways in Irish-Type Zn-Pb DepositsTorremans, KoenKyne, RoisinDoyle, RobertGüven, John F.Walsh, John J.
1-Nov-2018The magmatic–hydrothermal transition in rare-element pegmatites from southeast Ireland: LA-ICP-MS chemical mapping of muscovite and columbite–tantaliteKaeter, DavidBarros, RenataMenuge, Julian F.Chew, David M.
25-Feb-2018Preliminary structural constraints from the Tyrone Igneous Complex and its metamorphic basementHollis, Steven P.Torremans, KoenCooper, Mark
5-Mar-2017Preliminary paragenetic studies of the high grade Island Pod Zn-Pb orebody, LisheenDoran, AileenMenuge, JulianHollis, Steven P.Güven, John
14-May-2017Controls on the formation of a large Zn-Pb Irish-type deposit: evidence from the Navan halosMarks, Freya R.Menuge, JulianBoyce, AdrianHollis, Steven P.
24-Dec-2016Age and geochemistry of the Charlestown Group, Ireland: implications for the Grampian orogeny, its mineral potential and the Ordovician timescaleHerrington, Richard J.Hollis, Steven P.Cooper, Market al.
12-Aug-2017A comparison between clumped C-O and fluid inclusion temperatures for carbonates associated with Irish-type Zn-Pb orebodiesHollis, Steven P.Doran, AileenMenuge, JulianGüven, Johnet al.
23-Aug-2017The bimodal fluid evolution of the Nimbus Zn-Ag deposit: an Archean VHMS with epithermal characteristicsCaruso, StefanoFiorentini, Marco L.LaFlamme, CrystalHollis, Steven al.
23-Aug-2017Enhancing current understanding of Irish Zn-Pb mineralization: a closer look at the Island Pod orebody, Lisheen depositDoran, AileenMenuge, JulianHollis, Steven P.Güven, JohnDennis, Paul
3-Apr-2017Targeting VHMS mineralization at Erayinia in the Archaean Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia: geochemical and hyperspectral halosHollis, Steven P.Podmore, DarrylJames, M.
3-Apr-2017Clumped C-O isotope temperature constraints for carbonate precipitation associated with the Irish-type Lisheen and Navan Zn-Pb orebodiesHollis, Steven P.Menuge, JulianDennis, PaulDoran, AileenGüven, Johnet al.
23-Aug-2017Clumped C-O isotope temperature constraints for carbonate precipitation associated with Irish-type Zn-Pb orebodiesHollis, Steven P.Menuge, JulianDoran, AileenGüven, Johnet al.
1-Sep-2017Insights into fluid transport mechanisms at White Island from analysis of coupled very long-period (VLP), long-period (LP) and high-frequency (HF) earthquakesJolly, A. D.Lokmer, IvanThun, JohannesSalichon, J.Fry, B.Chardot, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 84