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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Dec-2021Non-Traditional Sexual Relationships: Law, Forgetting and the Conservative Political Discourse in RussiaKondakov, Alexander
30-Jul-2020"State Regimes of Gender: Legal Aspects of Gender Identity Registration, Trans-Relevant Policies and Quality of LGBTIQ Lives": A Roundtable DiscussionCooper, DavinaKondakov, AlexanderMolitor, VerenaQuinan, C. L.Vleuten, Anna Van derZimenkova, Tatiana
Jan-2021Sex, Alcohol, and Soul: Violent Reactions to Coming Out after the "Gay Propaganda" Law in RussiaKondakov, AlexanderShtorn, Evgeny
17-Dec-2012Legal Wounds: The Meaning of Human Rights for Lesbians and Gay Men in RussiaKondakov, Alexander
1-May-2015Law and Society: Research Perspectives. A Reader
30-May-2017Hate Crime against LGBT in RussiaKondakov, Alexander
12-Dec-2017Active citizenship: Negotiation of private/public and activism/compliancy by public officials in Russia and GermanyZimenkova, TatianaMolitor, VerenaKondakov, Alexander
1-Apr-2022Norbert Elias and Figurational Sociology: Interview with Stephen MennellLandini, Tatiana Savoia
15-Dec-2021Football is becoming more predictable; network analysis of 88 thousand matches in 11 major leaguesMaimone, Victor MartinsYasseri, Taha
11-Jul-2020What, when and where of petitions submitted to the UK government during a time of chaosVidgen, BertieYasseri, Taha
May-2020Social complex contagion in music listenership: A natural experiment with 1.3 million participantsTernovski, JohnYasseri, Taha
2020Detecting weak and strong Islamophobic hate speech on social mediaVidgen, BertieYasseri, Taha
13-Sep-2020Positive algorithmic bias cannot stop fragmentation in homophilic networksBlex, ChrisYasseri, Taha
2020Fooling with Facts: Quantifying Anchoring Bias through a Large-scale Online ExperimentYasseri, TahaReher, Jannie
15-Jul-2019Emergence of world-stock-market networkSaeedian, M.Jamali, T.Kamali, M. Z.Bayani, H.Yasseri, Tahaet al.
22-Apr-2021Selling sex: what determines rates and popularity? An analysis of 11,500 online profilesMergenthaler, AliciaYasseri, Taha
6-Apr-2021The Kaleidoscope of Privacy: Differences across French, German, UK, and US GDPR Media DiscourseSanford, MaryYasseri, Taha
31-Aug-2021Controversy around climate change reports: a case study of Twitter responses to the 2019 IPCC report on landSanford, MaryPainter, JamesYasseri, TahaLorimer, Jamie
28-Apr-2021Can the Wikipedia moderation model rescue the social marketplace of ideas?Yasseri, TahaMenczer, Filippo
6-Jan-2021What drives passion? An empirical examination on the impact of personality trait interactions and job environments on work passionKreil, AnnikaTumasjan, AndranikYasseri, TahaWelpe, Isabell
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 103