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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2018Co-SBA-15 catalysts in the hydrolysis of NH3BH3 – Influences of Co precursors and catalyst pre-treatmentSullivan, James A.; Marchant, Charles; Herron, Rory
23-Jan-2017Identification of Receptor Binding to the Biomolecular Corona of NanoparticlesLara, Sandra; Alnasser, Fatima; Polo, Ester; Garry, David; Lo Giudice, Maria Cristina; Hristov, Delyan R.; Rocks, Louise; Salvati, Anna; Yan, Yan; Dawson, Kenneth A.
22-Dec-2016Mapping of Molecular Structure of the Nanoscale Surface in BionanoparticlesHerda, Luciana M.; Hristov, Delyan R.; Lo Giudice, Maria Cristina; Polo, Ester; Dawson, Kenneth A.
3-Apr-2017Regimes of Biomolecular Ultrasmall Nanoparticle InteractionsBoselli, Luca; Polo, Ester; Castagnola, Valentina; Dawson, Kenneth A.
13-Mar-2017Using single nanoparticle tracking obtained by nanophotonic force microscopy to simultaneously characterize nanoparticle size distribution and nanoparticle-surface interactionsHristov, Delyan R.; Ye, Dong; Araújo, Joao Medeiros de; Lopez, Hender; Dawson, Kenneth A.; et al.
23-May-2017Locating Reactive Groups on Nanomaterials with Gold Nanoclusters: Toward a Surface Reactive Site MapThomas, Steffi S.; Coleman, Matthew; Carroll, Emma; Polo, Ester; Meder, Fabian; Dawson, Kenneth A.
Jan-2017Charge and topography patterned lithium niobate provides physical cues to fluidically isolated cortical axonsKilinc, Devrim; Blasiak, Agata; Baghban, M. A.; Carville, N. Craig; Al-Aladi, A.; Al-Shammari, R. M.; Rice, James H.; Lee, Gil U.; Rodriguez, Brian J.; et al.
20-Jul-2016Bio-Nano-Magnetic Materials for Localized Mechanochemical Stimulation of Cell Growth and DeathKilinc, Devrim; Dennis, Cindi L.; Lee, Gil U.
19-Sep-2012Magnetic Tweezers-Based Force Clamp Reveals Mechanically Distinct apCAM Domain InteractionsKinlic, Devrim; Blasiak, Agata; O'Mahony, James; Suter, Daniel M.; Lee, Gil U.
15-Nov-2016In situ characterization of nanoparticle biomolecular interactions in complex biological media by flow cytometryLo Giudice, Maria Cristina; Herda, Luciana M.; Polo, Ester; Dawson, Kenneth A.
10-Jul-2015Micromagnet arrays for on-chip focusing, switching, and separation of superparamagnetic beads and single cellsRampini, Stefano; Kilinc, Devrim; Li, Peng; Monteil, C.; Gandhi, Dhruv; Lee, Gil U.
2016Towards an understanding of the beneficial effect of mesoporous materials on dehydrogenation characteristics of NH3BH3Sullivan, James A.; Herron, Rory; Phillips, Andrew D.
18-Feb-2015Mechanochemical Stimulation of MCF7 Cells with Rod-Shaped Fe-Au Janus Particles Induces Cell Death through Paradoxical Hyperactivation of ERKKilinc, Devrim; Lesniak, Anna; Rashdan, Suad Ahmed; Gandhi, Dhruv; Blasiak, Agata; Fannin, Paul C.; Kriegsheim, Alexander von; Kolch, Walter; Lee, Gil U.
Oct-2015Characterization of a novel amine transaminase from Halomonas elongataCerioli, Lorenzo; Planchestainer, Matteo; Cassidy, Jennifer; Tessaro, Davide; Paradisi, Francesca
21-Aug-2011Transfer hydrogenation of unfunctionalised alkenes using N-heterocyclic carbene ruthenium catalyst precursorsHorn, Sabine; Albrecht, Martin
28-Mar-2013Platinum(II) and platinum(IV) complexes stabilized by abnormal/mesoionic C4-bound dicarbenesKhlebnikov, Vsevolod; Heckenroth, Marion; Müller-Bunz, Helge; Albrecht, Martin
Sep-2011Abnormal NHC Palladium Complexes: Synthesis, Structure, and ReactivityPoulain, Aurélie; Iglesias, Manuel; Albrecht, Martin
10-Oct-2011Methyltransferase Activity of an Iridium Center with Methylpyridinium as Methylene SourceLalrempuia, Ralte; Müller-Bunz, Helge; Albrecht, Martin
11-Aug-2011Probing Intermetallic Coupling in Dinuclear N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ruthenium(II) ComplexesMercs, Laszlo; Neels, Antonia; Stoeckli-Evans, Helen; Albrecht, Martin
11-Feb-2013Application of 1,2,3-triazolylidenes as versatile NHC-type ligands: synthesis, properties, and application in catalysis and beyondDonnelly, Kate F.; Petronilho, Ana; Albrecht, Martin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 155