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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2019NHC*-Gold(I) Bioconjugated to Carbohydrates and Peptides as Targeted Anticancer DrugsTacke, Matthias
12-Sep-2018In vivo investigations into the carbene gold anticancer drug candidates NHC*-Au-SCN and NHC*-Au-ScycloWalther, WolfgangDada, OyinlolaOtt, IngoProchnicka, AgnieszkaBüttner, BrittaZhu, XiangmingTacke, Matthias
19-Jul-2018Synthesis of Isothiocineole and Application in Multi-gram Scale Sulfur Ylide-mediated Asymmetric Epoxidation and AziridinationFearraigh, Martin P.Matlock, Johnathan V.Illa, OnaMcGarrigle, Eoghan M.Aggarwal, Varinder K.
11-Oct-2017Characterization of carboxylate nanoparticle adhesion with the fungal pathogen Candida albicansLyden, AmyLombardi, LisaSire, WilfriedLi, PengSimpson, Jeremy C.Butler, GeraldineLee, Gil U.
9-Jun-2017Coinage Metal NHC Complexes as Novel Antibiotics and Anticancer DrugsTacke, Matthias
30-Apr-2019Visible Light-Driven Gas-Phase Artificial Photosynthesis Reactions over Ruthenium Metal Nanoparticles Modified with Anatase TiO2Morais, EduardoO’Modhrain, ColinThampi, RavindranathanSullivan, James A.
20-Apr-2018Biological recognition of graphene nanoflakesCastagnola, ValentinaZhao, W.Boselli, LucaLo Giudice, Maria CristinaMeder, FabianPolo, EsterDawson, Kenneth A.
13-Mar-2017Towards a classification strategy for complex nanostructuresCastagnola, ValentinaCookman, Araújo, J. M.Polo, EsterCai, Q.Silveira, C. P.Krpetić, Ž.Yan, Y.Boselli, LucaDawson, Kenneth A.
1-Jun-2015Novel Carbene-Metal Complexes as Anticancer Drugs and Antibiotics - Potential and LimitationsTacke, Matthias
12-Jun-2009Bioorganometallic Chemistry: A Key To New Chemotherapy?Hogan, MeganTacke, Matthias
1-Jun-2011NHC-Silver(I) Acetates as Bioorganometallic Anticancer and Antibacterial DrugsPatl, SiddappaTacke, Matthias
3-Nov-2017A Bridge Too Far: Testing the Limits of Polypyridyl Ligands in Bridging Soluble Subunits of a Coordination PolymerBeddoe, Samuel V. F.Fitzpatrick, Anthony J.Price, Jason R.Morgan, Grace G.Keene, Tony al.
5-Jan-2017Neuronal Cell Bodies Remotely Regulate Axonal Growth Response to Localized Netrin-1 Treatment via Second Messenger and DCC DynamicsBlasiak, AgataKilinc, DevrimLee, Gil U.
25-Oct-2016Benzylation Reactions in DMF Lead to an Impurity Which Acts as an Organocatalyst Poison in Thiourea-Catalyzed GlycosylationsColgan, Avene C.Müller-Bunz, HelgeMcGarrigle, Eoghan M.
10-Mar-2018Co-SBA-15 catalysts in the hydrolysis of NH3BH3 – Influences of Co precursors and catalyst pre-treatmentSullivan, James A.Marchant, CharlesHerron, Rory
23-Jan-2017Identification of Receptor Binding to the Biomolecular Corona of NanoparticlesLara, SandraAlnasser, FatimaPolo, EsterGarry, DavidLo Giudice, Maria CristinaHristov, Delyan R.Rocks, LouiseSalvati, AnnaYan, YanDawson, Kenneth A.
22-Dec-2016Mapping of Molecular Structure of the Nanoscale Surface in BionanoparticlesHerda, Luciana M.Hristov, Delyan R.Lo Giudice, Maria CristinaPolo, EsterDawson, Kenneth A.
3-Apr-2017Regimes of Biomolecular Ultrasmall Nanoparticle InteractionsBoselli, LucaPolo, EsterCastagnola, ValentinaDawson, Kenneth A.
13-Mar-2017Using single nanoparticle tracking obtained by nanophotonic force microscopy to simultaneously characterize nanoparticle size distribution and nanoparticle-surface interactionsHristov, Delyan R.Ye, DongAraújo, Joao Medeiros deLopez, HenderDawson, Kenneth al.
23-May-2017Locating Reactive Groups on Nanomaterials with Gold Nanoclusters: Toward a Surface Reactive Site MapThomas, Steffi S.Coleman, MatthewCarroll, EmmaPolo, EsterMeder, FabianDawson, Kenneth A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 169