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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2018Challenges in using hydrology and water quality models for assessing freshwater ecosystem services: A reviewHallouin, ThibaultBruen, MichaelChristie, MikeBullock, CraigKelly-Quinn, Mary
Aug-2018Breeding bird species diversity across gradients of land use from forest to agriculture in EuropeKoivula, Matti J.Chamberlain, Dan E.Fuller, Robert J.Bracken, FintanBolger, Thomaset al.
31-Jan-2018Increasing stomatal conductance in response to rising atmospheric CO2Purcell, C.Batke, S. P.Yiotis, CharilaosCaballero, R.Soh, W. K.Murray, MichelleMcElwain, Jennifer C.
2017A potent anti-inflammatory response in bat macrophages may be linked to extended longevity and viral toleranceKacprzyk, JoannaHughes, Graham M.Palsson-McDermott, Eva M.Quinn, Susan R.Puechmaille, Sebastien J.O'Neill, Luke A. J.Teeling, Emma C.
10-Sep-2014Complex body size trends in the evolution of sloths (Xenarthra: Pilosa)Raj Pant, SaraGoswami, AnjaliFinarelli, John A.
2017ESManage Programme: Irish Freshwater Resources and Assessment of Ecosystem Services ProvisionFeeley, Hugh B.Bruen, MichaelBullock, CraigChristie, MikeKelly, FionaKelly-Quinn, Mary
11-Mar-2017Differences in the photosynthetic plasticity of ferns and Ginkgo grown in experimentally controlled low [O2]: [CO2] atmospheres may explain their contrasting ecological fate across the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction boundaryYiotis, CharilaosEvans-FitzGerald, ChristianaMcElwain, Jennifer C.
13-Sep-2016Morphological change in cranial shape following the transition to agriculture across western EurasiaCheronet, OliviaFinarelli, John A.Pinhasi, Ron
20-Jan-2016A novel method of microsatellite genotyping-by-sequencing using individual combinatorial barcodingVartia, SallaVillanueva-Cañas, José L.Finarelli, John A.Farrell, Edward D.Hughes, Graham M.Carlsson, Jeanette E. L.Carlsson, Jenset al.
30-Jan-2017The Identification of a 1916 Irish Rebel: New Approach for Estimating Relatedness from Low Coverage Homozygous GenomesFernandes, DanielSirak, KendraNovak, MarioFinarelli, John A.Carlsson, Jeanette E. L.Ferretti, EdmondoPinhasi, RonCarlsson, Jenset al.
13-Apr-2012Evolving Interpolating Models of Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange Using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, MiguelSaunders, MatthewO'Neill, MichaelOsborne, Bruce A.Brabazon, Anthony
23-Jun-2014Invading and Expanding: Range Dynamics and Ecological Consequences of the Greater White-Toothed Shrew (Crocidura russula) Invasion in IrelandMcDevitt, Allan D.Montgomery, W. IanTosh, David G.Yearsley, Jonathan al.
2016Teaching and assessment strategies for active student learning in university horticultural educationHunter, AlanElliott-Kingston, Caroline
1-Dec-2016Effects of spatial heterogeneity in moisture content on the horizontal spread of peat firesPrat-Guitart, NuriaRein, GuillermoHadden, Rory M.Belcher, Claire M.Yearsley, Jonathan M.
2016Benefits of Scenario-based Learning in university educationElliott-Kingston, CarolineDoyle, Owen P. E.Hunter, Alan
22-Sep-2015How well do you know your growth chambers? Testing for chamber effect using plant traitsPorter, Amanda S.Evans-FitzGerald, ChristianaMcElwain, Jennifer C.Yiotis, CharilaosElliott-Kingston, Caroline
15-Sep-2016Co-ordination in morphological leaf traits of early diverging angiosperms is maintained following exposure to experimental palaeoatmospheric conditions of sub-ambient O2 and elevated CO2Evans-FitzGerald, ChristianaPorter, Amanda S.Yiotis, CharilaosElliott-Kingston, CarolineMcElwain, Jennifer C.
2016Does size matter? Atmospheric CO2 may be a stronger driver of stomatal closing rate than stomatal size in taxa that diversified under low CO2Elliott-Kingston, CarolineHaworth, MatthewYearsley, Jonathan M.McElwain, Jennifer al.
1-Apr-2014Changing epidemiology of the tick-borne bovine parasite, Babesia divergensZintl, AnnettaMcGrath, GuyO'Grady, LukeGray, J. (Jeremy S.)et al.
5-Sep-2014Changing incidence of bovine babesiosis in IrelandZintl, AnnettaMcGrath, GuyO'Grady, LukeGray, J. (Jeremy S.)et al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 46