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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2017Sources of nitrogen and phosphorus emissions to Irish rivers and coastal waters: Estimates from a nutrient load apportionment frameworkMockler, Eva M.; Deakin, Jenny; Archbold, Marie A.; Gill, Laurence; Daly, Donal; Bruen, Michael
26-Apr-2017What are the main sources of nutrient inputs to Ireland's aquatic environment?Mockler, Eva M.; Deakin, Jenny; Daly, Donal; Bruen, Michael; Archbold, Marie A.
2016What have we learned from over two decades of monitoring riverine nutrient inputs to Ireland's marine environment?O'Boyle, Shane; Quinn, Rebecca; Dunne, Noelle; Mockler, Eva M.; Ní Longphuirt, Sorcha
2016Linking changes in nutrient load source apportionment to estuarine responses: an Irish perspectiveNí Longphuirt, Sorcha; Mockler, Eva M.; O'Boyle, Shane; et al.
2017ESManage Programme: Irish Freshwater Resources and Assessment of Ecosystem Services ProvisionFeeley, Hugh B.; Bruen, Michael; Bullock, Craig; Christie, Mike; Kelly, Fiona; Kelly-Quinn, Mary
2016Nutrient Load Apportionment to Support the Identification of Appropriate Water Framework Directive MeasuresMockler, Eva M.; Deakin, Jenny; Archbold, Marie A.; Daly, Donal; Bruen, Michael
15-Nov-2016Future Water Vulnerability in Ireland: An Integrated Water Resources, Climate and Land Use Changes ModelGharbia, Salem; Gill, Laurence; Johnston, Paul; Pilla, Francesco
Nov-2016Assessing the relative importance of parameter and forcing uncertainty and their interactions in conceptual hydrological model simulationsMockler, Eva M.; Chun, K. P.; Sapriza-Azuri, G.; Bruen, Michael; Wheater, H. S.
13-Apr-2016Progress in Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in IrelandDaly, Donal; Deakin, Jenny; Craig, Matthew; Mockler, Eva M.; et al.
14-Jul-2016CCT: A simple prioritisation tool for identifying critical source areas for managing waterborne pollutantsPackham, I.; Archbold, Marie A.; Mockler, Eva M.; Bruen, Michael; et al.
14-Jul-2016Development of a Nutrient Load Apportionment Modelling ToolboxMockler, Eva M.
May-2016Understanding hydrological flow paths in conceptual catchment models using uncertainty and sensitivity analysisMockler, Eva M.; O'Loughlin, Fiachra; Bruen, Michael
17-Nov-2015Understanding Hydrological Flow Paths in Conceptual Catchment Models To Improve Water Quality ModellingMockler, Eva M.; O'Loughlin, Fiachra; Bruen, Michael
1989A nitrate groundwater standard for the 1990 farm billMagette, W. L.; Weismiller, R. A.; Angle, J. S.; et al.
Jun-1989MANAGING GROUND WATER QUALITY IN RELATION TO AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIESMagette, W. L.; Shirmohammadi, Adel; Lessley, Billy V.; et al.
10-Jul-2012Parameter sensitivity of a watershed-scale flood forecasting model as a function of modelling time-stepO'Loughlin, Fiachra; Bruen, Michael; Wagener, Thorsten
24-Jul-2012The impact of a catastrophic storm event on benthic macroinvertebrate communities in upland headwater streams and potential implications for ecological diversity and assessment of ecological statusFeeley, Hugh B.; Davis, Stephen; Bruen, Michael; Blacklocke, Sean; Kelly-Quinn, Mary
May-2012Comprehensive analysis of step-feeding strategy to enhance biological nitrogen removal in alum sludge-based tidal flow constructed wetlandsHu, Y.S.; Zhao, Y.Q.; Zhao, X.H.; Kumar, J.L.G.
Oct-2011Fuzzy synthetic evaluation of Weihe water qualityGeng, Yani; Zhang, Jun; Zhou, Qi; Xu, Chundi; Zhao, Y.Q.
9-Feb-2012Oil refinery wastewater treatment using physicochemical, Fenton and Photo-Fenton oxidation processesTony, Maha A.; Purcell, Patrick J.; Zhao, Y.Q.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107