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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2022PROTECTNag, RajatBose, MadhumalaChhaya, Rhea SanjivRoufou, StylianiKatsini, LydiaFeliciano, RodneyMisiou, OuraniaMalliaroudaki, Maria IoannaGuzmán-Luna, PaolaTalari, GopaiahValdramidis, Vasilis P.Impe, Jan VanMembré, Jeanne-MarieKoutsoumanis, KostasGomes, RachelHospido, AlmudenaO'Brien, JohnMathews, EleanorCummins, Enda
Sep-2020Estimating the current area of European tillage systems occupied by tramlines and a potential approach for the cultivation of this underutilised areaGillespie, Gary D.McDonnell, Kevin
20-Aug-2021Environmental impacts of animal-based food supply chains with market characteristicsChen, WenhoaJafarzadeh, SepidehThakur, MaitriHolden, Nicholas M.
Sep-2021Blueberry supply chain: Critical steps impacting fruit quality and application of a boosted regression tree model to predict weight lossKtenioudaki, AnastasiaO'Donnell, C. P. (Colm P.)Emond, Jean PierreNascimento Nunes, Maria Cecilia do
21-Mar-2022Agricultural atmospheric ammonia: identification & assessment of potential impactsKelleghan, David B.Fogarty, MícheálWelchman, SimonCummins, ThomasCurran, Thomas P.
9-Dec-2021Numbers of close contacts of individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 and their association with government intervention strategiesMcAloon, Conor G.Wall, Patrick G.Butler, FrancisCodd, MaryGormley, EamonnO'Grady, LukeMore, Simon Johnet al.
7-Dec-2021Κάτι Τρέχει µε την ΑμμωνίαWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Anestis, VasileiosCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Die Sache mit dem AmmoniakWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Wokel, LillyCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Amóinia? Amóinia? Cad faoi Amóinia?Wright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Nic an Bhaird, MáireNí Chléirigh, LaoiseCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Le petit je-ne-sais-quoi de l'ammoniacWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Levrault, CécileCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Der er noget om ammoniakWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Pedersen, JohannaCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Ima nesto o amonijakuWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Radetic, LucijaGrcic, IvanaCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021一个关于氨的故事Wright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Zhang, KexinCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Tutti pazzi per l'ammoniaWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Pilla, FrancescoCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021अमोनिया के बारे में कुछ हैWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Sivachanemougaradjane, JeyajananiCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Algo pasa con ele amoníacoWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Sosa, AmandaO'Mhaoinigh, RonanCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021O estranho caso do amoníacoWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Negrao, SoniaO'Mhaoinigh, RonanCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Cos niecos o AmoniakuWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Lesniak-Podsiadlo, AnnCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021Podivny cpavekWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Nosek, StepánCurran, Thomas P.
7-Dec-2021অ্যামোনিয়ার ইতিকথাWright, Nathan T.Kelleghan, David B.Nanda, SumitNag, RajatCurran, Thomas P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 191