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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Apr-2017Can attenuated total internal reflection-fourier transform infrared be used to understand the interaction between polymers and water? A hyperspectral imaging studyMukherjee, SindhurajMartínez-González, J. A.Stallard, Charlie P.Dowling, Denis P.Gowen, Aoife
May-2019Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review
13-May-2019Modelling the biochemical and sensory changes of strawberries during storage under diverse relative humidity conditionsKtenioudaki, AnastasiaO'Donnell, Colm Nascimento Nunes, M. Cecilia
1-Aug-2018Preliminary tests of sensors to detect sewer network blockagesCurran, Thomas P.Broderick, ConorDucoste, Joel
May-2018Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review 23
1-Feb-2019Mapping ammonia risk on sensitive habitats in IrelandKelleghan, David B.Hayes, Enda T.Everard, MarkCurran, Thomas P.
22-May-2017Estimating Wheat Yield in China at the Field and District Scale from the Assimilation of Satellite Data into the Aquacrop and Simple Algorithm for Yield (SAFY) ModelsSilvestro, Paolo CosmoPignatti, StefanoPascucci, Simoneet al.
8-Jul-2016Farmland Drought Evaluation Based on the Assimilation of Multi-Temporal Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data into AquaCrop ModelYang, GuijunYang, HaoXiuliang, JinSilvestro, Paolo Cosmoet al.
8-Jul-2016Spatialized Application of Remotely Sensed Data Assimilation Methods for Farmland Drought Monitoring Using Two Different Crop ModelsSilvestro, Paolo CosmoCasa, RaffaelePignatti, Stefanoet al.
29-May-2014Development of an Assimilation Scheme for the Estimation of Drought-Induced Yield Losses Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing and the AcquaCrop ModelSilvestro, Paolo CosmoCasa, RaffaelePignatti, Stefanoet al.
6-Nov-2017Sensitivity analysis of the Aquacrop and SAFYE crop models for the assessment of water limited winter wheat yield in regional scale applicationsSilvestro, Paolo CosmoPignatti, StefanoYang, Haoet al.
May-2018Lignocellulosic Crops in Agricultural Landscapes: Production systems for biomass and other environmental benefits – examples, incentives, and barriersDimitriou, I.Berndes, G.Englund, O.Murphy, Fionnualaet al.
Jul-2018Global food security – Issues, challenges and technological solutionsMc Carthy, UltanUysal, IsmailBadia-Melis, RicardoMercier, SamuelO'Donnell, C. P. (Colm P.)Ktenioudaki, Anastasia
May-2018Water footprinting of pasture-based farms; beef and sheepMurphy, EleanorCurran, Thomas P.Holden, Nicholas al.
Jun-2017Valorisation of tomato wastes for development of nutrient-rich antioxidant ingredients: A sustainable approach towards the needs of the today's societyPinela, JoséPrieto Lage, Miguel ÁngelBarreiro, Maria FilomenaCurran, Thomas al.
Jan-2018Feasibility study of an offshore wind farm in the Aegean Sea, TurkeySatir, MertMurphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, Kevin
May-2017Atmospheric Nitrogen Pollution: Sources, Impacts and Solutions
10-Nov-2017Predicting freshwater demand on Irish dairy farms using farm dataMurphy, Eleanorde Boer, I. J. Mvan Middelaar, C. M.Holden, Nicholas M.Curran, Thomas P.Upton, J.
May-2017Biosystems and Food Engineering Research Review 22
May-2017Investigation of the potential impact of the Paris Agreement on national mitigation policies and the risk of carbon leakage; an analysis of the Irish bioenergy industryMurphy, FionnualaMcDonnell, Kevin
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 121