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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jan-2018A risk-informed decision support tool for holistic management of fatigue design, inspection and maintenanceZou, Guang; Banisoleiman, Kian; González, Arturo
2-Feb-2018Impact of a moving trolley on the dynamic response of a ship unloader boomMilana, Giulia; Banisoleiman, Kian; González, Arturo
11-Apr-2018Contributions by Marie Sklodowska-Curie TRUSS-ITN towards reducing uncertainty in structural safety of buildings, roads, energy and marine infrastructureGonzález, Arturo; Perrotta, Federico; Milana, Giulia; Sourav, Shah Nur Alam; Antonopoulou, Sofia; McNally, Ciaran; et al.
31-Jan-2018Increasing stomatal conductance in response to rising atmospheric CO2Purcell, C.; Batke, S. P.; Yiotis, Charilaos; Caballero, R.; Soh, W. K.; Murray, Michelle; McElwain, Jennifer C.
Jun-2017A discussion on the merits and limitations of using drive-by monitoring to detect localised damage in a bridgeHester, David; González, Arturo
Dec-2017Structural Health Monitoring Developments in TRUSS Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training NetworkGonzález, Arturo; Huseynov, F.; Heitner, Barbara; Martinez, Daniel; Chen, Siyuan; O'Brien, Eugene J.; Laefer, Debra F.; et al.
Nov-2016Methodologies for Crack Initiation in Welded Joints Applied to Inspection PlanningZou, Guang; Banisoleiman, Kian; González, Arturo
15-Feb-2017Direct Field Measurement of the Dynamic Amplification in a BridgeCarey, Ciaran; O'Brien, Eugene J.; Malekjafarian, Abdollah; Lydon, Myra; Taylor, Su E.
10-Aug-2017Uncertainty quantification and calibration of a modified fracture mechanics model for reliability-based inspection planningZou, Guang; Banisoleiman, Kian; González, Arturo
1-Nov-2017Static and dynamic moments for any plane within a straight solid slab bridge caused by the crossing of a truckMohammed, Omar; González, Arturo
Jul-2017Developments in damage assessment by Marie Skłodowska-Curie TRUSS ITN projectGonzález, Arturo
Jun-2017Developments in damage assessment by Marie Skłodowska-Curie TRUSS ITN projectGonzález, Arturo
25-May-2017Reliability-based inspection planning in view of both crack initiation and propagationZou, Guang; Banisoleiman, Kian; González, Arturo
25-May-2017Field characterization of location-specific dynamic amplification factors towards fatigue calculations in ship unloadersMilana, Giulia; Banisoleiman, Kian; González, Arturo
25-May-2017Parametric analysis of modelling properties governing the seismic response of free-standing spent fuel racksGonzalez Merino, Alberto; Costas de la Peña, Luis; González, Arturo
10-Sep-2014Complex body size trends in the evolution of sloths (Xenarthra: Pilosa)Raj Pant, Sara; Goswami, Anjali; Finarelli, John A.
2017ESManage Programme: Irish Freshwater Resources and Assessment of Ecosystem Services ProvisionFeeley, Hugh B.; Bruen, Michael; Bullock, Craig; Christie, Mike; Kelly, Fiona; Kelly-Quinn, Mary
11-Mar-2017Differences in the photosynthetic plasticity of ferns and Ginkgo grown in experimentally controlled low [O2]: [CO2] atmospheres may explain their contrasting ecological fate across the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction boundaryYiotis, Charilaos; Evans-FitzGerald, Christiana; McElwain, Jennifer C.
13-Sep-2016Morphological change in cranial shape following the transition to agriculture across western EurasiaCheronet, Olivia; Finarelli, John A.; Pinhasi, Ron
20-Jan-2016A novel method of microsatellite genotyping-by-sequencing using individual combinatorial barcodingVartia, Salla; Villanueva-Cañas, José L.; Finarelli, John A.; Farrell, Edward D.; Hughes, Graham M.; Carlsson, Jeanette E. L.; Carlsson, Jens; et al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 117