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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Nov-2016BGRMI: A method for inferring gene regulatory networks from time-course gene expression data and its application in breast cancer researchIglesias-Martinez, Luis F.; Kolch, Walter; Santra, Tapesh
17-Jun-2016The MST/Hippo Pathway and Cell Death:A Non-Canonical AffairFallahi, Emma; O'Driscoll, Niamh A.; Matallanas, David
13-Dec-2016ATR inhibitors as a synthetic lethal therapy for tumours deficient in ARID1AWilliamson, Chris T.; Miller, Rowan; Pemberton, Helen N.; Jones, Samuel E.; Campbell, James; Konde, Asha; Badham, Nicholas; Rafiq, Rumana; Brough, Rachel; Gulati, Aditi; Ryan, Colm J.; Francis, Jeff; Vermulen, Peter B.; Reynolds, Andrew R.; Reaper, Philip M.; Pollard, John R.; Ashworth, Alan; Lord, Christopher J.
1-Sep-2016Proteome-wide association studies identify biochemical modules associated with a wing size phenotype in Drosophila melanogasterOkada, Hirokazu; Ebhardt, H. Alexander; Vonesch, Sibylle Chantal; Aebersold, Ruedi; Hafen, Ernst
21-Oct-2014Stochastic models of cellular circadian rhythms in plants help to understand the impact of noise on robustness and clock structureGuerriero, Maria L.; Akman, Ozgur E.; Ooijen, Gerben van
31-Jul-2014Robustness and Evolvability of the Human Signaling NetworkKim, Junil; Vandamme, Drieke; Kim, Jeong-Rae; Munoz, Amaya Garcia; Kolch, Walter; Cho, Kwang-Hyun
8-Jul-2014PARG is dispensable for recovery from transient replicative stress but required to prevent detrimental accumulation of poly(ADP-ribose) upon prolonged replicative stressIlluzzi, Giuditta; Fouquerel, Elise; Amé, Jean-Christophe; Noll, Aurélia; Rehmet, Kristina; Nasheuer, Heinz-Peter; Dantzer, Françoise; Schreiber, Valérie
26-Feb-2014Splicing factor hnRNP A2 activates the Ras-MAPK-ERK pathway by controlling A-Raf splicing in hepatocellular carcinoma developmentShilo, Asaf; Ben Hur, Vered; Denichenko, Polina; Stein, Ilan; Pikarsky, Eli; Rauch, Jens; Kolch, Walter; Zender, Lars; Karni, Rotem
24-Jul-2015ROCK activity and the Gβγ complex mediate chemotactic migration of mouse bone marrow-derived stromal cellsRyan, Caroline M.; Brown, James A. L.; Bourke, Emer; Prendergast, Áine M.; Kavanagh, Claire; Liu, Zhonglin; Owens, Peter; Shaw, Georgina; Kolch, Walter; O'Brien, Timothy; Barry, Frank P.
1-Apr-2015Signalling mechanisms regulating phenotypic changes in breast cancer cellsVolinsky, Natalia; McCarthy, Cormac J.; Kriegsheim, Alex von; Saban, Nina; Okada-Hatakeyama, Mariko; Kolch, Walter; Kholodenko, Boris N.
Oct-2016Stabilization of C-RAF:KSR1 complex by DiRas3 reduces availability of C-RAF for dimerization with B-RAFBaljuls, Angela; Dobrzyński, Maciej; Rauch, Jens; Rauch, Nora; Kolch, Walter
19-Feb-2016Differential localization of A-Raf regulates MST2-mediated Apoptosis during Epithelial DifferentiationRauch, Jens; Mack, B.; McCann, Brendan; Volinsky, Natalia; Blanco-Fernandez, Alfonso; Gires, O.; Kolch, Walter
27-May-2016Hypercapnia Suppresses the HIF-dependent Adaptive Response to HypoxiaSelfridge, Andrew C.; Cavadas, Miguel A. S.; Scholz, Carsten C.; Campbell, Eric L.; Welch, Lynn C.; Lecuona, Emilia; Colgan, Sean P.; Barrett, Kim E.; Sporn, Peter H.; Sznajder, Jacob I.; Cummins, Eoin P.; Taylor, Cormac T.
25-Jul-2016Hypoxia-dependent regulation of inflammatory pathways in immune cellsTaylor, Cormac T.; Doherty, Glen; Fallon, Padraic G. (Padraic Gerard); Cummins, Eoin P.
Apr-2016Understanding complexity in the HIF signaling pathway using systems biology and mathematical modelingFábián, Zsolt; Taylor, Cormac T.; Nguyen, Lan K.
17-Aug-2016REST is a hypoxia-responsive transcriptional repressorCavadas, Miguel A. S.; Mesnieres, Marion; Crifo, Bianca; Manresa, Mario C.; Selfridge, Andrew C.; Keogh, Ciara E.; Fábián, Zsolt; Scholz, Carsten C.; Nolan, Karen A.; Rocha, Liliane M.A.; Tambuwala, Murtaza M.; Brown, Stuart; Wdowicz, Anita; Corbett, Danielle; Murphy, Keith J.; Godson, Catherine; Cummins, Eoin P.; Taylor, Cormac T.; Cheong, Alex
9-Dec-2015REST mediates resolution of HIF-dependent gene expression in prolonged hypoxiaCavadas, Miguel A. S.; Mesnieres, Marion; Crifo, Bianca; Manresa, Mario C.; Selfridge, Andrew C.; Scholz, Carsten C.; Cummins, Eoin P.; Cheong, Alex; Taylor, Cormac T.
24-Aug-2016Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Protect Endothelial Cells from Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte-Induced LysisCahill, Emer Frances; Sax, Tanja; Hartmann, Isabel; Kolch, Walter; Eissner, Günther; et al.
12-Sep-2017A brain-derived neurotrophic factor mimetic is sufficient to restore cone photoreceptor visual function in an inherited blindness modelDaly, Conor; Shine, Lisa; Heffernan, Theresa; Deeti, Sudhakar; Reynolds, Alison; O'Connor, J. J.; Dillon, Eugène T.; Duffy, David J.; Kolch, Walter; Cagney, Gerard; Kennedy, Breandán
15-Jan-2015Competing to coordinate cell fate decisions: the MST2-Raf-1 signaling deviceNguyen, Lan K.; Matallanas, David; Romano, David; Kholodenko, Boris N.; Kolch, Walter
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 174