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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2019When does specification or aggregation across consumers matter for economic impact analysis models? An investigation into demand systemsBoysen, Ole
13-Sep-2021Developing seaweed/macroalgae as feed for pigsLópez-Alonso, MartaGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoMiranda, Marta
24-Aug-2021Green extraction of proteins, umami and other free amino acids from brown macroalgae Ascophyllum nodosum and Fucus vesiculosusUmmat, VirujaGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoPoojary, Mahesha M.O'Donnell, C. P. (Colm P.)et al.
1-Sep-2021Influence of molecular weight fractionation on the antimicrobial and anticancer properties of a fucoidan rich-extract from the macroalgae Fucus vesiculosusCabral, Eduarda M.Mondala, Julie Rose MaeOliveira, MárciaGarcía-Vaquero, Marcoet al.
2-Jan-2016Red and green macroalgae for fish and animal feed and human functional food developmentGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoHayes, Maria
27-May-2021Evaluation of Ultrasound, Microwave, Ultrasound–Microwave, Hydrothermal and High Pressure Assisted Extraction Technologies for the Recovery of Phytochemicals and Antioxidants from Brown MacroalgaeGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRavindran, RajeevWalsh, OrlaO'Doherty, John V.Jaiswal, Amit K.Tiwari, Brijesh K.Rajauria, Gaurav
4-Apr-2021Seasonal Variation of the Proximate Composition, Mineral Content, Fatty Acid Profiles and Other Phytochemical Constituents of Selected Brown MacroalgaeGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravMiranda, MartaSweeney, TorresLópez-Alonso, MartaO'Doherty, John V.
15-Mar-2021The development of analytical methods for the purity determination of fucoidan extracted from brown seaweed speciesZhao, MingGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoPrzyborska, JoannaSivagnanam, Saravana PeriaswamyTiwari, Brijesh K.
Apr-2021Consumer knowledge and attitudes towards microalgae as food: The case of SpainLafarga, TomasRodriguez-Bermudez, RuthMorillas-España, AinoaGarcía-Vaquero, Marcoet al.
10-Apr-2017Relationship between the essential and toxic element concentrations and the proximate composition of different commercial and internal cuts of young beefPereira, VictorLópez-Alonso, MartaMiranda, MartaBenedito, José LuisGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
Sep-2018Trace metal exposure in different livestock production systemsOrjales, InmaculadaRodriguez-Bermudez, RuthMiranda, MartaLópez-Alonso, MartaGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
19-Aug-2020Seaweeds, the "food factories" from the seaGarcía-Vaquero, Marco
27-Aug-2006Influence of farm type (organic, conventional and intensive) on toxic metal accumulation in calves in NW SpainBlanco-Penedo, IsabelBenedito, José LuisShore, Richard F.Miranda, MartaGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoLópez-Alonso, Marta
28-Jun-2018Effects of extraction method on the prebiotic potential of Ascophylum nodosum extractsVenardou, BrigkitaMcDonnell, MaryGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravO'Doherty, John V.Sweeney, Torres
21-Jun-2018In vitro effects of seaweed extracts on intestinal commensals and pathogens of weaned pigletsVenardou, BrigkitaMcDonnell, MaryGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravO'Doherty, John V.Sweeney, Torres
6-Sep-2019The value of seaweedUmmat, VirujaGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoTiwari, Brijesh K.O'Donnell, C. P. (Colm P.)
8-Aug-2018Ultrasonic extractionGarcía-Vaquero, MarcoRajauria, GauravTiwari, Brijesh K.Sweeney, Torres
Nov-2020Update on the presence of Ixodes ricinus at the western limit of its range and the prevalence of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu latoZintl, AnnettaZaid, Taher M.T.McKiernan, FionaNaranjo Lucena, AmaliaGray, J. (Jeremy S.)Brosnan, SorchaBrowne, Johnet al.
Feb-2021Isolate specific responses of the non-host grass Brachypodium distachyon to the fungal pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici, compared to wheatReilly, AilsingKarki, Sujit JungTwamley, AnthonyTiley, AnnaKildea, StevenFeechan, Angela
Jul-2020Spot the difference on laurel leavesMcGuinness, BrianSmith, LeightonFeechan, AngelaGrogan, Helen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 319