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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2018The Centre for Veterinary Epidemiology and Risk Analysis, The TB Diagnostics and Immunology Research Laboratory. Biennial Report, 2016-17
18-May-2017The prevalence, temporal and spatial trends in bulk tank equivalent milk fat depression in Irish milk recorded herds.Carty, Catherine I.; Fahey, Alan G.; Sheehy, Morgan R.; Taylor, Steve; Lean, Ian J.; McAloon, Conor G.; O'Grady, Luke; Mulligan, Finbar J.
19-Sep-2017Bi-directional efects of vitamin B12 and methotrexate on Daphnia magna ftness and genomic methylationKusari, Fitore; O'Doherty, Alan; Hodges, Nikolas J.; Wojewodzic, Marcin W.
Oct-2017Editorial overview: New technologies: drug delivery and medical devices combinations, more than the sum of the partsBrayden, David James; Hirst, Barry H.
Oct-2017Buccal delivery of small molecules and biologics: of mucoadhesive polymers, films, and nanoparticlesMorales, Javier O.; Brayden, David James
May-2017Ad hoc method for the assessment on listing and categorisation of animal diseases within the framework of the Animal Health LawEFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW); More, Simon John; Bøtner, Anette; Butterworth, Andrew; Thulke, Hans-Hermann; et al.
15-Jun-2017A human intestinal M-cell-like model for investigating particle, antigen and microorganism translocationBeloqui, Ana; Brayden, David James; Artursson, Per; Préat, Véronique; des Rieux, Anne
Apr-2017Macroalgae for Functional Feed Development: Applications in Aquaculture, Ruminant and Swine Feed IndustriesMiranda, Marta; Lopez-Alonso, Marta; Garcia-Vaquero, Marco
25-Sep-2017Progress in the Formulation and Delivery of Somatostatin Analogues for AcromegalyFattah, Sarinj; Brayden, David James
Jul-2016Oral delivery strategies for nutraceuticals: Delivery vehicles and absorption enhancersGleeson, John P.; Ryan, Sinéad M.; Brayden, David James
Oct-2017A comparison of three Peyer's patch "M-like" cell culture models: particle uptake, bacterial interaction, and epithelial histologyTauseef Ahmad, Muhammad‏; Gogarty, Martina; Walsh, Edwin G.; Brayden, David James
Sep-2015Stability, toxicity and intestinal permeation enhancement of two food-derived antihypertensive tripeptides, Ile-Pro-Pro and Leu-Lys-ProGleeson, John P.; Heade, Joanne; Ryan, Sinéad M.; Brayden, David James
1-May-2017The performance of the interferon gamma assay when used as a diagnostic or quality assurance test in Mycobacterium bovis infected herdsClegg, Tracy A.; Good, Margaret; Doyle, Mairead B.; Duignan, Anthony; More, Simon John; Gormley, Eamonn
Jun-2017Evaluation of PepT1 transport of food-derived antihypertensive peptides, Ile-Pro-Pro and Leu-Lys-Pro using in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo transport modelsGleeson, John P.; Brayden, David James; Ryan, Sinéad M.
Dec-2015Should stress management be part of the clinical care provided to chronically ill dogs?Nicholson, Sandra L.; Meredith, Joanne E.
Nov-2016Essential and toxic trace element concentrations in different commercial veal cuts in SpainLopez-Alonso, Marta; Miranda, Marta; Benedito, José Luis; Pereira, Victor; Garcia-Vaquero, Marco
2016Assessment of the functional properties of protein extracted from the brown seaweed Himanthalia elongata (Linnaeus) S. F. GrayGarcia-Vaquero, Marco; Lopez-Alonso, Marta; Hayes, Maria
Feb-2017A role for adrenergic receptors in the uterotonic effects of ergometrine in isolated human term non-laboring myometriumFanning, Rebecca A.; Sheehan, Florike; Leyden, Claire; Duffy, Niamh; Iglesias-Martinez, Luis F.; Carey, Michael F,; Campion, Deirdre P.; O'Connor, J. J.
Nov-2016Polysaccharides from macroalgae: Recent advances, innovative technologies and challenges in extraction and purificationGarcia-Vaquero, Marco; Rajauria, Gaurav; O'Doherty, John; Sweeney, Torres
1-Nov-2016Temporal trends in the retention of BVD+ calves and associated animal and herd-level risk factors during the compulsory eradication programme in IrelandClegg, Tracy A.; Graham, David A.; O'Sullivan, P.; McGrath, Guy; More, Simon John
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 136