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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Tuberculosis in cattle: the results of the four-area projectGriffin, John M.More, Simon JohnClegg, Tracy al.
2006Regional red list of Irish beesFitzpatrick, Ú.Murray, T. E.Byrne, Andrew W.Paxton, R. J.Brown, M. J. F.
2006A case study of bovine tuberculosis in an area of County Donegal, IrelandOlea-Popelka, FranciscoButler, DermotLavin, Deset al.
2007Shaping our future: animal health in a global trading environmentMore, Simon John
2008Trends in cow numbers and culling rate in the Irish cattle population, 2003 to 2006Maher, PeterGood, MargaretMore, Simon John
2008A case for increased private sector involvement in Ireland's national animal health servicesMore, Simon John
2008Herd and within-herd BoHV-1 prevalence among irish beef herds submitting bulls for entry to a performance testing stationO'Grady, LukeO'Neill, R.Collins, Daniel al.
2008Tuberculosis in alpaca (lama pacos) on a farm in ireland. 2. results of an epidemiological investigationConnolly, D. J.Dwyer, P. J.Fagan, al.
2008Tuberculosis in alpaca (Lama pacos) on a farm in Ireland. 1. A clinical reportRyan, Eoin GerardDwyer, P. J.Connolly, D. al.
2008Risk factors for the introduction and within-herd transmission of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) infection on 59 Irish dairy herdsCashman, W.Buckley, J.Quigley, al.
2008Control of mycobacterium bovis infection in two sika deer herds in IrelandPartridge, TomToolan, DónalEgan, Johnet al.
2008The structure and regulation of the Irish equine industries: Links to considerations of equine welfareCollins, Joseph A.Hanlon, AlisonMore, Simon Johnet al.
Oct-2008A long term observational study of the impact of badger removal on herd restrictions due to bovine TB in the Irish midlands during 1989-2004Kelly, Gabrielle E.Condon, J.More, Simon JohnDolan, Leonard A.Higgins, Isabella M.Eves, John A.
2009Ireland Red List No. 2 : Non-marine molluscsByrne, Andrew W.Moorkens, E. A.Anderson, R.Killeen, I. J.Regan, E.
2009A review of Ireland's waterbirds, with emphasis on wintering migrants and reference to H5N1 avian influenzaCrowe, O.Wilson, J.Aznar, Inmaet al.
2009Demographics of cattle positive for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis by faecal culture, from submissions to the Cork Regional Veterinary LaboratoryRichardson, E. K. B.Mee, John F.Sánchez-Miguel, al.
2009Farm management factors associated with bulk tank somatic cell count in Irish dairy herdsKelly, Paddy T.O'Sullivan, K.Berry, Donagh al.
2009Global trends in milk quality: implications for the irish dairy industryMore, Simon John
2009Direct and indirect effects of johne's disease on farm and animal productivity in an irish dairy herdRichardson, E. K. B.More, Simon John
2009An all-island approach to mapping bovine tuberculosis in IrelandMcGrath, GuyAbernethy, D.Stringer, al.