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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2017Ad hoc method for the assessment on listing and categorisation of animal diseases within the framework of the Animal Health LawEFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW)More, Simon JohnB√łtner, AnetteButterworth, AndrewThulke, Hans-Hermannet al.
28-Sep-2016Agricultural anaerobic digestion power plants in Ireland and Germany: policy & practiceAuer, AgatheVande Burgt, Nathan H.Abram, FlorenceBarry, GeraldMarkey, B.K. (Bryan K.)De Waal, TheoGordon, Stephen V.Whyte, PaulZintl, Annettaet al.
2009An all-island approach to mapping bovine tuberculosis in IrelandMcGrath, GuyAbernethy, D.Stringer, al.
Oct-2012Altered endometrial immune gene expression in beef heifers with retarded embryosBeltman, Marijke EileenForde, NiamhLonergan, PatrickCrowe, Mark
15-Aug-2014Aspects of bovine herpesvirus 1 and bovine viral diarrhoea virus herd-level seroprevalence and vaccination in dairy and beef herds in Northern IrelandCowley, D. J. BoscoGraham, David A.Guelbenzu, MariaDoherty, Michael L.More, Simon John
2011Aspects of bovine herpesvirus-1 infection in dairy and beef herds in the Republic of IrelandCowley, D. J. BoscoClegg, Tracy A.Doherty, Michael al.
2011Aspects of the owning/keeping and disposal of horses, and how these relate to equine health/welfare in IrelandCollins, Joseph A.Hanlon, AlisonMore, Simon Johnet al.
2016Assessment of the functional properties of protein extracted from the brown seaweed Himanthalia elongata (Linnaeus) S. F. GrayGarcia-Vaquero, MarcoLopez-Alonso, MartaHayes, Maria
Jul-2016An Assessment of the Permeation Enhancer, 1-phenyl-piperazine (PPZ), on Paracellular Flux Across Rat Intestinal Mucosae in Ussing ChambersBzik, V. A.Brayden, David James
Sep-2017Associations between paratuberculosis ELISA results and test-day records of cows enrolled in the Irish Johne's Disease Control ProgramBotaro, Bruno G.Ruelle, ElodieMore, Simon JohnStrain, SamGraham, David A.O'Flaherty, JoeShalloo, Laurence
Oct-2012Atypical cutaneous actinobacillosis in young beef cattleCahalan, S. D.Sheridan, L.Akers, C. R.Lorenz, IngridCassidy, Joe
19-Sep-2017Bi-directional efects of vitamin B12 and methotrexate on Daphnia magna ftness and genomic methylationKusari, FitoreO'Doherty, AlanHodges, Nikolas J.Wojewodzic, Marcin W.
2012Bovine viral diarrhoea virus seroprevalence and vaccination usage in dairy and beef herds in the Republic of IrelandCowley, D. J. BoscoClegg, Tracy A.Doherty, Michael al.
Oct-2017Buccal delivery of small molecules and biologics: of mucoadhesive polymers, films, and nanoparticlesMorales, Javier O.Brayden, David James
25-Jul-2013Bulk milk ELISA and the diagnosis of parasite infections in dairy herds: A reviewSekiya, MaryZintl, AnnettaDoherty, Michael L.
Aug-2015Cadmium exposure and consequences for the health and productivity of farmed ruminantsLane, E.A.Canty, M.J.More, Simon John
2011Calf health from birth to weaning. I. General aspects of disease preventionLorenz, IngridMee, John F.Earley, Bernadetteet al.
2011Calf health from birth to weaning. II. Management of diarrhoea in pre-weaned calvesLorenz, IngridFagan, JohnMore, Simon John
2011Calf health from birth to weaning. III. housing and management of calf pneumoniaLorenz, IngridEarley, BernadetteGilmore, Johnet al.
2008A case for increased private sector involvement in Ireland's national animal health servicesMore, Simon John