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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-20093D Location and Orientation Estimation using Angle of ArrivalBallal, TarigBleakley, Chris J.
26-Jun-2009Ab initio and homology based prediction of protein domains by recursive neural networksWalsh, IanMartin, Alberto J. M.Mooney, CatherineRubagotti, EnricoVullo, AlessandroPollastri, Gianluca
30-Jan-2009Ab initio and template-based prediction of multi-class distance maps by two-dimensional recursive neural networksWalsh, IanBaù, DavideMartin, Alberto J. M.Mooney, CatherineVullo, AlessandroPollastri, Gianluca
27-Jun-2014ABI: A mechanism for increasing video delivery quality in multi-radio Wireless Mesh Networks with Energy SavingHava, AdrianaMuntean, Gabriel-MiroMurphy, John
Nov-2010Acceleration and rotation rate profile comparison from inertial sensors mounted on the service arm between tennis players of different skill levelPatterson, MatthewCaulfield, BrianConroy, Luke
12-Jul-2011Acceleration of grammatical evolution using graphics processing unitsPospichal, PetrMuphy, EoinO'Neill, MichaelSchwarz, JosefJaros, Jiri
4-Jul-2007Accuracy of Spread Spectrum Techniques for Ultrasonic Indoor LocationGonzalez-Hernandez, JuanBleakley, Chris J.
24-Oct-2014Accurate Orientation Estimation Using AHRS under Conditions of Magnetic DistortionYadav, NageshBleakley, Chris J.
14-Jun-2007Accurate prediction of protein secondary structure and solvent accessibility by consensus combiners of sequence and structure informationPollastri, GianlucaMartin, Alberto J. M.Mooney, CatherineVullo, Alessandro
2010Activity recognition using temporal evidence theoryMcKeever, SusanYe, JuanCoyle, LorcanBleakley, Chris J.Dobson, Simon
Apr-2010Acute physiological responses to electrical muscle stimulation in a spinal cord injured man – a case studyMcCormack, KirstiCarty, AmandaCoughlan, GarrettCrowe, LouisCaulfield, Brian
10-Sep-2001Ad-Me: A Context-Sensitive Advertising SystemHristova, NataliyaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
5-Sep-2001Ad-me: Intelligent Context-Sensitive Advertising within a Mobile Tourist Guide.Hristova, NataliyaO'Hare, G. M. P. (Greg M. P.)
10-Jun-2009Adapting and Parameterising Auditory Icons for use in a Synthetic Musical InstrumentPhelan, CormacBleakley, Chris J.Cummins, Fred
10-Jan-2015Adaptive GC-aware load balancing strategy for high-assurance Java distributed systemsPortillo Dominguez, Andres OmarWang, MiaoMurphy, JohnMagoni, Damien
31-Aug-2005Adaptive Lagrange Multiplier for Low Bit Rates in H.264Ivanov, YuriBleakley, Chris J.
8-Apr-2009Adaptive management of multigranular spatio-temporal object attributesCamossi, ElenaBertino, ElisaGuerrini, GiovannaBertolotto, Michela
2009Adaptive management of multigranular spatio-temporal object attributesCamossi, ElenaBertino, ElisaGuerrini, GiovannaBertolotto, Michela
19-Feb-2010Adaptive management of shared resource pools with decentralized optimization and epidemicsLoureiro, EmersonNixon, PaddyDobson, Simon
18-Dec-2014An Adaptive VM Provisioning Method for Large-Scale Agent-Based Traffic Simulations on the CloudHanai, MasatoshiSuzumura, ToyotaroVentresque, AnthonyShudo, Kazuyuki