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    Lowering the bar for robotic development : driver generation for ubiquitous robotic systems
    (Intelligent Systems Research Centre, 2011-08-31) ;
    Robotics has developed, technologically, to a level where it becomes a field of both interest and importance to other disciplines, either as a proof-of-concept or demonstrative tool, or else as the main focus for implementation of theories. This is particularly evident in the areas of computational and theoretical cognitive science where, despite this progress, robotics remains sufficiently inaccessible to non-specialists as to dissuade its use. This is due in no small part to the issue of code re-usability across differing hardware platforms and the lack of low-level support for developing suitable drivers for the main robotics development tools. To address this issue, this work presents ACorDE: Autonomous Control Development Environment. This development environment takes in data pertaining to the robotic platform and generates suitable driver and behavioural code in a standardised format.
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    AF-ABLE in the Multi Agent Contest 2009
    This is the second year in which a team from University College Dublin has participated in the Multi Agent Contest. This paper describes the system that was created to participate in the contest, along with observations of the team's experiences in the contest. The system itself was built using the AFAPL agent programming language running on the Agent Factory platform. A hybrid control architecture inspired by the SoSAA strategy aided in the separation of concerns between low-level behaviours (such as movement and obstacle evasion) and higher-level planning and strategy.