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    Joyce's Dublin
    (UCD Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive, 2010) ;
    This paper reports on research into the Dublin in which James Joyce’s short story “The Dead” is set. The research was conducted as part of the UCD Irish Virtual Research Library and Archive (IVRLA) series of demonstrator research projects. The remit of these projects was to provide digital research resources and to show how digital repositories could not only provide access to archival research materials but could also present material in new ways and suggest themes for further research. This project did so by creating a series of podcasts based around the short story and the place and time in which it was set. These podcasts integrated academic analysis, discussion of Joyce resources, performance of significant music from the story, and description of the city space in which Joyce’s story took place. These have all been made available through the IVRLA, as have the full interviews (with transcripts) on which the podcasts are based and an extensive list of resources on Joyce and the Dublin which featured so strongly in his writings. The report outlines the approach to the project, documenting the extent and nature of the collaborative process involved, and the resources used and produced over the span of the project. It concludes by considering ways in which this and similar projects may be developed in the future.