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    Ultra high wind energy penetration in an isolated market
    This paper addresses the market design implications of implementing ultra high (up to 42%) wind energy penetration in an isolated market. High wind penetration is becoming an increasing feature of many markets and the impact to such markets will need to be analyzed. In this paper, the Single Electricity Market (SEM) market design is analyzed in the context of increasing wind penetration and given the results of the recently published All Island Grid Study which indicated that ultra high wind capacity could be accommodated subject to certain key assumptions.
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    The Irish “all island grid study” - methodological approach and outcomes
    This paper details the methodological approach and outcomes of the All Island Grid study, which aims to show the impacts of high penetrations of renewable energy in the Irish electricity system. Renewable Generation portfolios with a share of up to 59 % of Renewable energy were examined from the plant dispatch and network perspective as a 2020 snapshot study. The dispatch analysis of various scenarios of conventional generation revealed only minimal restrictions posed by the expected future conventional generation. The examination of network restrictions resulted in a feasible energy penetration of 42 %.
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