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    Can Blockchain Strengthen the Energy Internet?
    Emergence of the Energy Internet (EI) demands restructuring of traditional electricity grids to integrate heterogeneous energy sources, distribution network management with grid intelligence and big data management. This paradigm shift is considered to be a breakthrough in the energy industry towards facilitating autonomous and decentralized grid operations while maximizing the utilization of Distributed Generation (DG). Blockchain has been identified as a disruptive technology enabler for the realization of EI to facilitate reliable, self-operated energy delivery. In this paper, we highlight six key directions towards utilizing blockchain capabilities to realize the envisaged EI. We elaborate the challenges in each direction and highlight the role of blockchain in addressing them. Furthermore, we summarize the future research directive in achieving fully autonomous and decentralized electricity distribution networks, which will be known as Energy Internet
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    Survey on blockchain for future smart grids: Technical aspects, applications, integration challenges and future research
    Smart Grid 2.0 is envisaged to automate the operations of the intelligent electricity grid. Blockchain and smart contracts are integrated to facilitate the transformation from DSO-centric operations to consumer-oriented, distributed electricity grid management. The envisaged smart grids, integrated with blockchain would provoke challenges, which would hinder the maximum utilization of Distribute Energy Resources (DERs). This comprehensive review aims at analyzing the applicability of blockchain technology in Smart Grid 2.0, which would facilitate a seamless decentralization process. Further, the paper elaborates the blockchain-based applications of future smart grid operations and the role of blockchain in each scenario. The paper further provides a concise analysis on the blockchain integration challenges, thereby ensure secure and scalable, decentralized operations of future, autonomous electricity networks.
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