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    Social Distancing and Direct Provision
    An open letter signed by over 900 experts, to the Irish Government and officials responsible for Ireland's Covid-19 response requesting, in light of clear public health necessities, to provide own-door accommodation and individualised access to sanitation and eating facilities to every family unit and single person in the international protection system in the system of direct provision. The response of the then Minister for Justice to this letter is also included. The response of Michael Martin, then leader of the opposition, is also included.
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    Sex, Alcohol, and Soul: Violent Reactions to Coming Out after the "Gay Propaganda" Law in Russia
    This article is focused on a particular set of social relations in Russia: sexuality and violence in the context of consumption of alcohol. We look at how violence erupts after revelation of queer sexuality of one of the participants of collective drinking. Discussions of homosexuality in Russia became especially heated after the adoption of the bill against the "propaganda of non‐traditional family valuesW in 2013. This law primarily marks information about homosexuality as inappropriate and dangerous to minors. We review court decisions on violence against gay men before and after the introduction of this law. The court cases we analyze are not cases of the "propaganda" law enforcement, but routine violent felonies. As we selected only those cases that involve alcohol consumption from a larger sample, we analyze the stories told in these court files focusing on interaction rituals during the practice of collective heavy drinking. We demonstrate how this ritual is centered around confirmation of masculinity, ceremonies of sharing, and exchange of respect. We also show that these ritualized practices are interrupted and confused by introduction of information about one of the participants' queer sexuality. This interruption evolves into violent reactions, including murder. Nevertheless, the ritual of drinking supports both a "conversationof souls" (sharing intimate secrets) and violent reactions to the information that challenges masculinity of the ritual's participants.
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