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    Industrial policy from the 1930s to Culliton
    (University College Dublin. School of Economics, 1992)
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    The National Plan
    (Irish Bankers' Federation, 1984-12)
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    The financing of healthcare in Ireland
    (Irish Bankers' Federation, 1994)
    It is an interesting aspect of the current debate with regard to healthcare in developed countries that the discussion starts with the finance of healthcare. What makes it interesting is that, with the exception of the US, healthcare is predominantly financed by government through a combination of a social welfare contribution and general taxation. There is some private financing through private insurance, but tax benefits for insurance and the universality attaching to most public systems effectively means that the government is financing health expenditure. In almost no other area of Government expenditure would we be considering the question of financing as financing is simply a function of taxation. The question of financing healthcare is thus a deeper one than simply that of financing and owes its origin to the rapid growth of expenditure on healthcare over the past 30 years, and the realisation that as population ages, claims on resources will increase over the next 30 years. the finance of healthcare is in fact a topic which is not really about finance, but about the means that can be used to control expenditure to ensure that taxes do not have to be raised. This paper examines the causes of the growth in healthcare expenditure in Ireland and, with the framework developed there, discusses measures designed to control expenditure.
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    Comparison of subvention levels for public transport systems in European cities
    (Department of Transport, 2000-04) ; ;
    This is a comparative study of the levels of government subvention in urban public transport in European cities. It was carried out by the Department of Economics in University College Dublin for the Department of Public Enterprise. The report presents the comparative analysis for cities and also provides summary tables by country on public subvention of urban transport systems
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    Cost containment in Ireland : a review of the Irish health system
    (University College Dublin. Centre for Health Economics, 1997) ;
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    Survey of school unit costs Primary and Post-primary schools
    Report of a Department of Education commissioned survey of unit costs of first and second level schools in 1990.
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    The market in Ireland for healthcare insurance
    (Irish Bankers' Federation, 1998)
    The healthcare market in Ireland is facing a series of problems arising from the dual nature of the market. Health insurance is an important element of this dual market. Yet the main issues confronting the health insurance industry - the ageing of the population and medical inflation - have not produced a set of insurance products in response. Subscribers thus face continued increases in charges well above inflation and these increased charges could well adversely affect new membership of younger people. The introduction of competition has not resolved this issue. Instead, it has concentrated attention on measures to maintain the existing situation. Some of the institutions associataed with the regulatory environment, for example the Risk Equalisation Scheme, have their own problems; and while it is worthwhile to resolve them, it is more important to consider the long-term issues.
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    The macro economy in the 1980s
    (Economic and Social Research Institute, 1981)
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