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    Transforming children's mathematics education through digital games: Insights from the Arithmós Project
    (University College Dublin and Technical University Dublin, 2024-06-07) ; ; ;
    The Arithmós Project is a collaborative initiative between University College Dublin and Technological University Dublin, supported by funding from the Irish Research Council. We firmly believe in the necessity of initiatives like the Arithmós Project, recognising that addressing the challenge of promoting mathematics education requires a multidimensional approach. In our vision, focusing solely on children without promoting awareness among parents and teachers, who maintain continuous engagement with homework and classroom activities, will prove insufficient. This issue calls for the collaborative efforts of all involved parties to comprehend and implement best practices, aiming to enhance education collectively. This is exactly how the Arithmós Project distinguishes itself from other initiatives. Its primary objective is to actively engage all key involved parties, including children, parents, teachers, and policymakers, in its mission to promote mathematics education.