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    Simulating interaction with wireless sensor networks
    Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) are primarily regarded as data gathering entities that route data to a central server for subsequent processing. However, as WSN technologies mature and their prevalence increases, it is envisaged that a range of diverse and innovative services for mobile subscribers will be launched, of which some may require remote access and interaction with individual WSNs. Such an eventuality will give rise to additional constraints in the WSN planning and deployment processes, and raise particular challenges in the practical engineering of mobile applications and services. In this paper, a simulation tool is described. This tool enables software engineers rapidly model WSN deployments, and in this way, explore how interactions between mobile users and WSNs may occur.
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    Automated murmurs : the social mobile tourist application
    The popularity of mobile devices and their increased computing power has given rise to surge in mobile computing technologies. Users are increasingly turning to mobile devices for information relating to their activities and location while on the move. Independent of this, the world has seen a huge uptake in the social web, which has fueled the production of applications where users are the sole providers of valuable information. In this work we present a mobile platform which leverages the popularity of mobile and social computing to produce a location sensitive messaging system which delivers user generated content to the public in the context of their physical location
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