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    A Novel Request Handler Algorithm for Multi-access Edge Computing Platforms in 5G
    Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is envisaging a storage and processing infrastructure at the edge of the mobile network to guarantee ultra-low latency and higher bandwidths for the provisioning services emanated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices. To achieve these dynamic requirements, MEC is adopting virtualization technologies that form a cost effective automated infrastructure ideal for 5G and beyond networks. Orchestration is the paramount task of such virtual platforms to manage and control the virtual entities autonomously. Service request handling is one such key orchestration function that handles the incoming requests to the orchestrator in case of a service initiation. However, existing service request handling procedures in MEC are still in a trivial stage. Thus, this paper proposes an advanced service request handling strategy for MEC orchestrator which can consider several factors such as service priority levels, feasibility, and resource availability. The performance of the proposed strategy is analyzed in a simulated environment and its feasibility is demonstrated using a prototype MEC infrastructure.
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