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    Evaluation of Deep Water Fish Species
    Interest in sourcing high quality non-quota fish species continues to increase as fish quotas tighten and traditional whitefish stocks decline. Quality aspects of one such species, silver smelt. (Argentinus silus), were examined in an article in Farm and Food, October-December 1991. This work has now been extended using spot samples of a further six deep water, non-quota species caught in the Atlantic off the north west coast of Ireland. The tests, which will continue on an annual basis, are a co-operative effort between staff at The Fisheries Research Centre and The National Food Centre. The six species evaluated were Bairds smoothead (Alepocephalus bairdii), blue ling, (Molva dypterygia), black scabbard(Aphanopus carbo), rabbitfish (Chimaera monstrosa), roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) and greater forkbeard (Phycis blennoides). Details of catching, procurement and fish characteristics are reported from The Fisheries Research Centre, while tests for proximate analysis, water holding capacity, gel strength, and colour were carried out at The National Food Centre using samples which were blast frozen at sea.
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    A Note on the Effect of Long-Term Frozen Storage on Some Quality Parameters of Silver Smelt (Argentinus silus)
    Samples of silver smelt, as fillets from frozen fish, as block-frozen fillet and as block-frozen mince, were thawed and tested for toughness (by shearing) and water-binding capacity after storage at -28C for 150, 235 and 374 days; cryoprotectants were not used. Shear values fell over the storage period for fillets from frozen fish but remained relatively constant for the other two types of frozen material. Block-frozen fillets had the highest shear values. The water-binding capacities were lowest for block-frozen mince and decreased steadily over the three test dates for the three types of material.
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    Silver Smelt: A Valued Non-Quota Fish?
    Tighter fish quotas have given rise to increased interest in non-quota species throughout the EC. In encouraging this interest, the EC Commission undertook to fund (in part) a 2-year cooperative project on catching/handling,quality evaluation, processing and suitability for products of the Silver Smelt(Argentinus silus).This project has been recently completed by staff at The National Food Centre (NFC), An Bord Iascaigh Mhara, The Department of the Marine, and at IFREMER (in France). The NFC component of the project, as presented here, dealt with the quality, composition and properties of the fish, and with its suitability for products and analogues.