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    Home-care Professionals’ Ethical Perceptions of the Development and Use of Home-care Robots for Older Adults in Japan
    Because of the workforce shortage in Japan, the use of home-care robots, or carebots, is increasingly perceived as a realistic option. Developing and implementing these carebots requires careful consideration of the ethical implications for all types of users. Few studies, however, have addressed the ethical principles and concepts involved in carebot use, and consequently, the discussion regarding roboethics in the home-care environment has been inadequate. This questionnaire study explored the relationship between the willingness of home-care professionals to use carebots, their experiences with robots, and their ethical perceptions. The principal factors affecting home-care staff perceptions were perceived benefit, use of personal information, the protection of privacy, and perceptions of risk. While perceived benefit was the common predictor affecting home-care staff willingness to use a robot for the care of all user types, concerns regarding the use of personal information were more prominent for older people.
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