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    Experiences of social workers in primary care in Ireland
    (Routledge (Taylor & Francis), 2013-11-20) ; ; ;
    This article presents the findings of research conducted with social workers in primary health care teams in Ireland. Data from questionnaires and from a focus group were analysed. The findings draw attention to the nature of the role of the primary care social worker, including both the satisfying and challenging aspects of this role. It was evident that the participants liked the generic nature of their role and the fact that they worked with non-mandated clients. However, they encountered challenges related to resources, management structures and interdisciplinary work. The findings shed light on an area of social work that has been underresearched.
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    Domestic violence in a developing context: The perspectives of women in Northern Ethiopia
    (SAGE Publications, 2013-08) ;
    The World Health Organization's multicountry study of the prevalence rates of intimate partner violence found extremely high rates of violence against women in Ethiopia. This article seeks to develop an understanding of this violence further. By drawing on focus group research conducted with women in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, it explores the types of domestic violence experienced by these women, the impact of this violence, the reasons for it, and the multiple resistance strategies used by the women. The findings suggest a potentially important role for professional social work practice in the Ethiopian context.
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