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    Human Behavior Prediction Though Noninvasive and Privacy-Preserving Internet of Things (IoT) Assisted Monitoring
    (IEEE, 2019-04-18) ;
    As the supporting technologies for Ambient Assistant Living (AAL) in Internet of Things (IoT) domain have become more powerful and more attractive, the related systems will be widely deployed and put into action. With all associated embedded IoT sensing devices, how to maintain users’ privacy and data security is a highly concerned problem. There are generally two approaches to protect privacy. One is to implement complex security protocols to guarantee the safety of sensing, storage and data transmission. Another one is to prevent the privacy issues and concerns from the source. This proposed research will provide a concept of a framework that can support behaviour monitoring through noninvasive and privacy preserving sensing. The data collected, transmitted and used for analysing in this framework is sensing information with low richness. This framework aims to increase the users’ perceived privacy in existing monitoring systems to avoid data over-collection and over exposure problems.