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    Analytical Values for Mushroom Compost, Poultry Deep Litter and Poultry Slurry Samples over a 5 Year Period 1978-82
    (An Foras TalĂșntais, 1984) ;
    Data are presented on the analysis of mushroom compost, poultry deep litter and poultry slurry samples over the period 1978-82. There was no difference in the dry matter (DM) content of compost samples between years either at time of filling or spawning, with mean values of 32 and 29%, respectively. The DM values were highest in the April-September period. Nitrogen (N) values were not different on an annual or quarterly basis, with means of 2.21 and 1.99%, on a DM basis, at spawning and filling respectively. Ammonia (NH3) content did vary from year to year and values were highest in the October-March period; mean values on a DM basis were 0.07 and 0.24 at spawning and filling, respectively. Results for 3 years on deep poultry litter manure showed no differences between years or quarters. Mean values for DM, N and NH3 were 55, 2.86 and 1.42%, respectively. Only a small number of poultry slurry samples were tested and the results showed it to be a variable material.