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    Changing a leopard's spots: A new research direction for organizational culture in the operations management field
    Operations Management (OM) research on organizational culture has to change to be able to inform practice. Currently, organizational culture research in OM is largely confined to narrow topical and methodological niches and culture is most frequently used as an explanatory variable in quantitative, survey-based research. We argue that the relegation of culture to this niche is due to selfimposed methodological blinders that hobble the OM field. We then present four research imperatives to reinvigorate organizational culture research within our field. We urge OM scholars to view culture as a dynamic concept that can be influenced, to adopt alternative methods, to use non-traditional data sources, and to rethink assumptions about dependent variables. We also identify gaps in the current knowledge and new research questions for the OM domain. We conclude that the field of OM could greatly expand its understanding of organizational culture and in so doing greatly improve business practice, but that to do so will require a change in the culture of the operations management research community.
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    Cultural Research in the Production and Operations Management Field
    (Now Publishers, 2019-11-29) ; ;
    We summarize and categorize Operations Management (OM) research on two inter-related types of "culture": exogenous, or national culture and endogenous, or organizational culture. OM cultural research is far less than one percent of total OM research. We posit that of that small amount, much of OM cultural research is based on numerical approaches that have questionable validity. Qualitative work is highlighted. In addition to being a guide for research, this article is meant to provide substantive examples for teaching the importance of culture in OM.