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    Towards quantum internet and non-local communication in position-based qubits
    (AIP Publishing, 2019-07-19) ;
    Non-local communication between position-based qubits is described for a system of a quantum electromagnetic resonator entangled to two semiconductor electrostatic qubits via an interaction between matter and radiation by Jaynes-Cummings tight-binding Hamiltonian. Principle of quantum communication between position-dependent qubits is explained. Further prospects of the model development are given. The obtained results bring foundation for the construction of quantum internet and quantum communication networks between position-based qubits that are implementable in semiconductor single-electron devices that can be realized in current CMOS technologies. The case of two semiconductor position-dependent qubits interacting with quantum electromagnetic cavity is discussed and general form of tight-binding Hamiltonian is derived with renormalized tight-binding coefficients. The considerations also describe the situation of mutual qubit-qubit electrostatic interaction.
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    From two types of electrostatic position-dependent semiconductor qubits to quantum universal gates and hybrid semiconductor-superconducting quantum computer
    Properties of two types of position-dependent electrostatic qubits: eigenenergy-based and Wannier-based, are treated with Schrodinger formalism. Their operating principles are given. The corresponding quantum universal gates for selected qubit types are described and their possible implementation is suggested. The modeling methodology of setting and reading semiconductor qubit is suggested. The interface between superconducting and semiconductor quantum computer is proposed and its implementation and operating principles are described.
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