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    Size Does Not Matter: Evolving Parameters for a Cayley Graph Visualiser Using 64 Bits
    (Springer, 2014-04-25) ;
    In this paper, an Interactive Evolutionary system is described, which generates visually appealing 3D projections of mathematical constructs. This system uses a combination of the Grammatical Evolution paradigm and Jenn3d, a visualiser of Cayley graphs of finite Coxeter groups. A very compact representation is used for the genotype strings, using only 64 bits. The resulting visualisations, albeit somewhat restricted, still exhibit a large degree of complexity and evolvability, and are well representative of the domain.
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    Using grammatical evolution to parameterise interactive 3D image generation
    (Springer, 2011-04-27) ;
    This paper describes an Interactive Evolutionary system for generating pleasing 3D images using a combination of Grammatical Evolution and Jenn3d, a freely available visualiser of Cayley graphs of finite Coxeter groups. Using interactive GE with some novel enhancements, the parameter space of the Jenn3d image-generating system is navigated by the user, permitting the creation of realistic, unique and award winning images in just a few generations. One of the evolved images has been selected to illustrate the proceedings of the EvoStar conference in 2011.
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