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    An alternative TLM method for steady-state convection-diffusion
    (Wiley Blackwell (John Wiley & Sons), 2009-09-03) ;
    Recent papers have introduced a novel and efficient scheme, based on the transmission line modelling (TLM) method, for solving one-dimensional steady-state convection–diffusion problems. This paper introduces an alternative method. It presents results obtained using both techniques, which suggest that the new scheme outlined in this paper is the more accurate and efficient of the two. Copyright © 2009 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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    The significance of biodiversity in agriculture: relevance, aims and progress of the Ag-Biota Project
    We describe and review the scientific and policy background with respect to the impact of agriculture on biodiversity and outline the structure and objectives of the Ag-Biota Project. The latter is a large, multiinstitutional study funded by the ERTDI Programme (2000–2006) under the aegis of the National Development Plan. As such, Ag-Biota represents an ongoing commitment to the protection and conservation of biodiversity, and the integration of policy towards the achievement of these goals in all economic sectors. Ag-Biota is addressing directly the practical needs for agri-environmental policy development, such as the need to identify suitable biodiversity indicators for agriculture and begin the development of realistic and practical monitoring and assessment methods; is focussing on the development of ecological understanding concerning the more effective utilisation of beneficial biological populations and processes within the agro-ecosystem; and is asking more fundamental ecological questions concerning the functional role and significance of biological diversity in community structures. The Ag-Biota project represents a suitably policy-focussed response to, and a considerable investment in, the needs of Irish biodiversity research within the context of modern agriculture. As such, we feel that the project is a good model for future biodiversity research, addressing the need for information and an appropriate knowledge base to support practical environmental protection measures.