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    A Low-Complexity Algorithm for Achieving Secrecy Capacity in MIMO Wiretap Channels
    We consider a secure transmission including a transmitter, a receiver and an eavesdropper, each being equipped with multiple antennas. The aim is to develop a low-complexity and scalable method to find a globally optimal solution to the problem of secrecy rate maximization under a total power constraint at the transmitter. In principle, the original formulation of the problem is nonconvex. However, it can be equivalently translated into finding a saddle point of a minimax convex-concave program. An existing approach finds the saddle point using the Newton method, whose computational cost increases quickly with the number of transmit antennas, making it unsuitable for large scale antenna systems. To this end, we propose an iterative algorithm based on alternating optimization, which is guaranteed to converge to a saddle point, and thus achieves a globally optimal solution to the considered problem. In particular, each subproblem of the proposed iterative method admits a closed-form solution. We analytically show that the iteration cost of our proposed method is much cheaper than that of the known solution. As a result, numerical results demonstrate that the proposed method remarkably outperforms the existing one in terms of the overall run time.
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