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    Evaluation models for different routing protocols in wireless sensor networks
    (University College Dublin. School of Computer Science  , 2015) ; ;
    This thesis aims to introduce the evaluation parameters of Lifetime, Density, Radius, and Reliability for the applications of wireless sensor networks. A series of simulation results have been obtained for the Single-hop, LEACH and Nearest Closer routing protocols which have been implemented in J-Sim simulation platform. Simulation results have been analyzed and several evaluation models have been proposed respectively. Thus, simulations may not be necessary for the users to choose a suitable routing protocol.
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    An Intelligent Evaluation Model based on the LEACH Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
    This paper aims to introduce some key parameters for the tracking application in wireless sensor networks. In this work the LEACH protocol with J-sim simulation tool has been implemented, and consequently some useful trade-off analysis results among the EDCR (Energy, Density, Coverage and Reliability) parameters has been obtained. Based on these results, an intelligent evaluation model is proposed in this paper.
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