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    Validation of Auditory Verbal Episodic Memory Measures for Cognitive Disorders
    (University College Dublin. School of Psychology, 2022)
    As the incidence of cognitive disorders increases, a growing number of episodic memory instruments are being introduced to the scientific literature to ensure accurate detection of impairment. The current thesis comprises two studies which sought to explore methodologies for the validation of auditory verbal episodic memory measures and to assess the validity of a new auditory verbal memory measure designed for use in an Irish population¬ - the EirPrVLT-12. Chapter one discusses the aging population, types of auditory verbal memory instruments and how research and clinical provision have evolved to improve the diagnosis and monitoring of cognitive disorders. Chapter two presents a systematic review which categorises methods of validating verbal memory instruments, including a sub-analysis for cross-cultural validation on six studies. The most reported validity types were discriminant and cultural validity with most studies using Receiver Operating Characteristic, Analysis of variance and correlations as statistical methods. Most cross-cultural validation studies used the back translation method of adaptation. Chapter three built on a previous normative study by aiming to validate the EirPrVLT-12 with a mixed clinical population. Convergent validity was weak to moderate when compared with the Logical Memory subtest (Wechsler Memory Scale-IV Edition). Divergent validity was assessed with weak to strong correlations seen when comparing the EirPrVLT-12 to non-memory subtests. The EirPrVLT-12 could discriminate between a clinical and a normative sample across all variables, except for the Forced Choice Recognition condition. Results indicated that EirPrVLT-12 performance may have been impacted by education level and socioeconomic status. The final chapter aims to integrate these findings and to provide recommendations for future research and clinical practice.