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    Towards Activity Recommendation from Lifelogs
    With the increasing availability of passive, wearable sensor devices, digital lifelogs can now be captured for individuals. Lifelogs contain a digital trace of a person’s life, and are characterised by large quantities of rich contextual data. In this paper, we propose a content based recommender system to leverage such lifelogs to suggest activities to users. We model lifelogs as timelines of chronological sequences of activity objects, and describe a recommendation framework in which a two-level distance metric is proposed to measure the similarity between current and past timelines. An initial evaluation of our activity recommender performed using a real-world lifelog dataset demonstrates the utility of our approach.
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    Managing diversity in practical ambient assisted living ecosystems
    Though the motivation for developing ambient assisted living (AAL) systems is incontestable, significant challenges exist in realizing the ambience that is essential to the success of such systems. By definition, an AAL system must be omnipresent, tracking occupant activities in the home and identifying those situations where assistance is needed or would be welcomed. Embedded sensors offer an attractive mechanism for realizing ambience as their form factor and harnessing of wireless technologies aid in their seamless integration into pre-existing environments. However, the heterogeneity of the end-user population, their disparate needs and the differing environments in which they inhabit, all pose particular problems regarding sensor integration and management.