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    The Nature of Realism Appraisals in Virtual Reality and Television: Protocol for a Systematic Scoping Review
    Busselle and Greenberg (2000) conducted a narrative review of the literature on realism judgements in film and television. They reported that there are problems in defining, conceptualising and operationalising realism. With huge changes in both TV and media technology in the last sixteen years, a review of the literature on realism is now necessary. The current protocol outlines the methodology for a scoping review based on Arksey and O’Malley’s (2005) framework and the PRISMA guidelines. The proposed review will focus on the literature on realism appraisals of virtual reality and television. The proposed review then aims to synthesise these under a neurocognitive framework, to address some of the issues in current realism conceptualisations and contribute towards a comprehensive theory of such realism appraisals.
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    Issues and Service Access Barriers for Homeless Women with Complex Issues: A Scoping Review
    (University College Dublin, 2020-03-04) ; ;
    This literature review was completed as part of an action research project commissioned by Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) which aims to explore the issues and challenges surrounding access to homeless, addiction and health services for women, with a view to creating and implementing initiatives that will improve access and possibly outcomes for women experiencing multiple levels of disadvantage or exclusion. This report presents the findings of a rapid literature scoping review conducted in November/ December 2019, which aimed to characterise the body of literature describing the presenting issues and services available for women experiencing homelessness in Dublin and Ireland. Specifically, we sought to build understanding of how client presentations and service provision issues would affect entry into services, and to gain insight into the breadth of potential needs and mechanisms of support after leaving services.