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    Theoretical and experimental investigation of photopolymer chirped gratings formation
    (Optical Society of America, 2005-07-19) ; ;
    In the work an analytical model of transmission holographic grating formation by light beams with non-uniform phase-amplitude profiles is presented. The model takes into consideration influence of light absorption of a photopolymer with dye-sensitizer and nonlinearity of photo-polymerization on the spatial profiles and diffraction properties of the chirped grating. The model of diffraction efficiency and selective properties of chirped gratings is also presented. The results of fitting experimental data and numerical ones are shown and discussed.
  • Publication
    Inharmonic theoretical models for photopolymers gratings formation
    (Optical Society of America, 2005-10-16) ; ;
    We present an analytical model of the dynamics of spatial harmonics of holographic grating profiles, taking into consideration record mechanisms (polymerization and components diffusion), absorption, interference pattern contrast and optional photopolymerization nonlinearity. On the basis of numerical simulation we compare the model presented with the non-local polymerization driven diffusion model. The results of fitting experimental data with the model results are also presented.