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    Class-iF−1: Linearity Enhanced High Efficiency Power Amplifier
    This paper presents a new class of power amplifier (PA) - Class-iF- 1 - resolving the highly nonlinear double inflection characteristics in the conventional Class-F- 1 PA. It is illustrated that, by properly terminating the second harmonic source impedance Z 2S from conventional short-circuit to open-circuit, the double inflection nonlinear gain profile can be mitigated in the proposed Class-iF- 1 PA, wherein the same saturation output power is achieved with less gain compression without drain efficiency trade-off. The idea was validated with source/load-pull and a broadband prototype operating from 2.0 to 2.6 GHz was designed using a commercial 10-W Gallium Nitride (GaN) transistor. Under continuous wave (CW) signal test, the proposed Class-iF- 1 PA can achieve 40.1-40.8-dBm output power, 71.2%-77.3% drain efficiency (DE) and 67.4%-74.1 % power added efficiency (PAE) at 3-dB gain compression level over 2.0-2.6 GHz.
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