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    Open Access Publishing Survey: Research Managers / Administrators
    The aim of this survey is for the University Research Managers and Administrators Network (URMAN) Open Access Group to better understand the level of engagement of URMAN members and other research managers/administrators who work with their PIs/researchers on the topic of Open Access and Open Data. The results will help to feed into future training and other activities to support your requirements in assisting researchers in this area.
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    Integrated care for children living with complex care needs: an evolutionary concept analysis
    Children with complex care needs (CCNs) are in need of improved access to healthcare services, communication, and support from healthcare professionals to ensure high-quality care is delivered to meet their needs. Integrated care is viewed as a key component of care delivery for children with CCNs, as it promotes the integration of healthcare systems to provide family and child-centred care across the entire health spectrum. There are many definitions and frameworks that support integrated care, but there is a lack of conceptual clarity around the term. Furthermore, it is often unclear how integrated care can be delivered to children with CCNs, therefore reinforcing the need for further clarification on how to define integrated care. An evolutionary concept analysis was conducted to clarify how integrated care for children with CCNs is defined within current literature. We found that integrated care for children with CCNs refers to highly specialised individualised care within or across services, that is co-produced by interdisciplinary teams, families, and children, supported by digital health technologies. Conclusion: Given the variation in terms of study design, outcomes, and patient populations this paper highlights the need for further research into methods to measure integrated care.
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    Web robot detection in scholarly Open Access institutional repositories
    (Emerald, 2016-07)
    Purpose -- This paper investigates the impact and techniques for mitigating the effects of web robots on usage statistics collected by Open Access institutional repositories (IRs). Design/methodology/approach -- A review of the literature provides a comprehensive list of web robot detection techniques. Reviews of system documentation and open source code are carried out along with personal interviews to provide a comparison of the robot detection techniques used in the major IR platforms. An empirical test based on a simple random sample of downloads with 96.20% certainty is undertaken to measure the accuracy of an IR's web robot detection at a large Irish University. Findings -- While web robot detection is not ignored in IRs, there are areas where the two main systems could be improved. The technique tested here is found to have successfully detected 94.18% of web robots visiting the site over a two-year period (recall), with a precision of 98.92%. Due to the high level of robot activity in repositories, correctly labelling more robots has an exponential effect on the accuracy of usage statistics. Limitations -- This study is performed on one repository using a single system. Future studies across multiple sites and platforms are needed to determine the accuracy of web robot detection in OA repositories generally. Originality/value -- This is the only study to date to have investigated web robot detection in IRs. It puts forward the first empirical benchmarking of accuracy in IR usage statistics.
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    BulkWithdraw: A DSpace utility to withdraw and reinstate a list of items
    (University College Dublin. Library, 2015-01-29)
    DSpace utility to withdraw and reinstate a list of items. Withdraws items via the DSpace API. Removes items from browse indexes, OAI-PMH interface and updates the dc.description.provenence field as expected. Tested on DSpace 1.8.2. Install in [dspace_src]/dspace/modules/api/src/main/java/org/dspace/content and rebuild DSpace. Call by running [dspace]/bin/dspace dsrun org.dspace.content.BulkWithdraw login_email password itemIdsFile [reinstate]. ItemIDsFile is a list of DSpace item_ids to be withdrawn, one item_id per line. The default mode is withdraw. Optionally, add 'reinstate' as the fourth argument to completely reverse the process.
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    Developing COUNTER standards to measure the use of Open Access resources
    There are currently no standards for measuring the use of open digital content, including cultural heritage materials, research data, institutional repositories and open access journals. Such standards would enable libraries and publishers that invest in open digital infrastructure to make evidence-based decisions and demonstrate the return on this investment. The most closely related standard, the COUNTER Code of Practice (CoP), was designed for subscription access e-resources and ensures that publishers provide consistent, credible and comparable usage data. In the open environment, computer programs known as web robots constantly download open content and must be filtered out of usage statistics. The COUNTER Robots Working Group has recently been formed to address this problem and to recommend robot detection techniques that are accurate, applicable and feasible for any provider of open content. Once accepted, they will be incorporated into the COUNTER CoP 5. In this paper we describe the overall goals of the analysis, the scope and techniques for building the dataset and the robot detection techniques under investigation.
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    Project management and institutional repositories : a case study at University College Dublin Library
    (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2010-10)
    This paper describes University College Dublin Library's participation in a series of parallel projects including building a national open access portal,; developing an international subject based portal,; and the planning, development and management of a university institutional repository (IR) service. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of the PMBOK® project management methodology. While much of the literature on IRs concentrates on critical success factors, only a few papers suggest applying standard methodologies to IR project planning, and very few papers detail the complex process of planning an IR using these methodologies. This paper addresses this gap in the literature and describes the practical experience of participating in two OAI-PMH harvesting projects at national and international levels and the effect that this has had on local IR development. Participating in the two services can be shown to have had a positive effect on all aspects of project management.
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    Open Access Publishing Survey
    This aim of this survey is to better understand your level of awareness, perceptions and use (or non-use) of the various Open Access channels. The results will help to feed into future training and other activities to support your requirements in this area.